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  1. yEAH....But those E whatevers are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cooler. Why would anyone want to build say a M42 duster, a hardtop 2 1/2 ton, a CUCV? I mean it is still better to model something that never was right?????? I guess I'm in the minority. I could care less about any make believe "wanna be a tank" kit. Give me something the Army actually used!



    I'd also be willing to bet DML could do the Ontos some well deserved justice.

  2. Mike,

    Come on....you know better. It is far more profitable to produce "paper panzers" than vehicles that ACTUALLY had a service life. I mean.....who really wants to build an M-47/M/ER3 when you can build a E-whatever that never saw ground let alone a battlefield. If you can't figure it out.....I am being cynical.





    Well, I for one would love to build another Panzer IV C,D, or F variant.... I love cynicism.

  3. Here is a photo of a Tamyia Waspe1/35 that I built about three years ago. I hope this link works. I am new to posting photos on here so this is a testy run. If you do get to see it, I have added grab handles made from brass, stowage, and a camo net. The head phone were scrach built also.






    Looks great! What colors are you using?

  4. At the Atlanta show a few weeks ago, there was a really nice PaK 43 with simplified mount sitting on an SSy railcar. This was a bit of an inspiring piece, but unfortunately, the photo I got of it was not that great (see below) and I never got a chance to go back around and try to get more photos. Does anyone remember this one? Even better, can anyone her lay claim to it? I'm for possibly better photos, but also I recall reading in the description on the entry card that there were some detail sets used, which I'd love to know...



  5. I realize lots of modelers want the option of adding Zimmerit themselves. I have done so myself, but I have yet to be totally pleased with the results. Either the after-market stuff doesn't quite fit properly, or the result isn't worth the pain. And I also realize that simulating battle damage is more difficult with the molded-on stuff.


    Of course, this is all just my personal opinion, but what I would like Tamiya to do is simply provide the option of buying a kit with or without the molded-on Zimmerit, like Dragon does. What really frustrates me is that Tamiya's box art shows the vehicle with Zimmerit, but of course, there is none when you open the box--molded-on or glue-on. Maybe they could offer a kit with BOTH sets of parts--those with and those without Zimmerit and let the builder choose what he wishes to use during the build. I realize this would increase the cost of the kit(s), but it would be an interesting option.



    What gets me even more is what the cost would be of a Tamiya kit. LEt's take the DML Panther G with Zim, for example. That kit retails for about 55.00. Can you imagine what the Tamiya kit equivalent with zim would be? I would seriously not be surprised to see an MRSP of at least 75.00 on it. Look at the recent Jagdtiger mid production kit - they threw in an Otto Carius figure and a motorcycle and the MSRP is 99.00! Granted, it's a beautiful kit, but I don't know why someone wouldnt go for the DML equivalent kit which comes with a good bit of PE along with the turned barrel for about half the price.

  6. No, I never found them, but I found some good photos of the suspension - I just needed to make sure I had the suspension in the proper angle on the proper sides....


    My next project is to locate a Tasca star antenna - I know that it has been sold as a separate add-on kit (like they do with their Sherman roadwheel sets) before, I just cant find it by itself...

  7. I originally started this as kind of a weekend project as this is one of my favorite kits aside from its various problems. After picking up a cheap Eduard PE set for it at the Atlanta show last weekend, I decided to pull some parts out of the spares box to make this one a little bit better... I Pulled various parts from my DML spares boxes. Jerry cans are Tamiya. The main gun is just a placeholder as I'm waiting for my Griffon 2cm kwk 38 barrel to arrive any day now. Hatch handles are made form leftover pivot wire from a set of Friul tracks. I'm considering getting a set of Friul tracks for this one, but the ones included with the ICM kit really aren't that bad... I wish Tasca had taken that que of including link by link tracks with their Luchs kit...















  8. Rick,

    They are missing the boat on a lot more than that. I wish they or the other manufactures would make something other than another Sherman, Panzer IV, or paper Panzer and make something more wanted and appreciated. Dragon gets big kudos for releasing a newer Priest. Whether it will be worth it or not remains to be seen but it will be most welcome by this modeler.





    I wish Tamiya or DML would put out a Panzer II L - we know that DML's would be a little less costly than the Tasca version and would probably have a better track option. The Tasca kit is a little costly considering it comes with rubberband tracks...

  9. The review should be posted sometime soon - this was a really nice kit! I was very pleasently surprised as I was expecting the type of kit like the Tamiya armor kits of the 70's that inherited form my grandad years ago. I was very pleasently surprised!

  10. Has anyone had first hand experience with this product described on the Armorama website?




    They are tank specific reusable mask sets from aPolish company. I have been using circle templates in the recent past, but these look to be a bit more sophisticated in at it looks like you can mask and paint multiple roadwheels at once...


    I said to heck with it and ordered 1 each of a Tiger I and Panther / Jagdpanther set since those are my two most frequent builds....

  11. Does anyone possibly have a scan of the suspension portion of an instruction sheet from a Tasca Panzer II L I could look at? It doesnt matter which verison of the kit it is, I just need to compare them against the equivalent parts from the ICM Panzer II L kit...


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  12. Is the Cobb County Civic Center also known as the Bell Recreation Center? I was looking on Mapquest and the Rec Center is shown at the location of the show (Marietta Pkwy/Fairgrounds Rd), but not the "Civic Center"......has there been a site name change and the map names are old info, or does it go by both names? Thanks!


    GIL :smiley16:



    Gil -


    All of that is in the same area - the address you want to look for for the Cobb Civic center is "548 South Marietta Parkway"


    Link to the Google Maps info below:



  13. I just picked up the rerelease of the K7 Space Starion as seen in the Star Trek TOS epicode 'The Trouble with Tribbles'. I've always wanted to build this one, but have never been willing to pay the 70+ dollars they have commanded on eBay. Since I have seen the original kit before, I was more or less expecting that quality, however I was surprised when James showed me the contents of the kit. In dry fitting, the parts mate up very well and the seams have been really easy to eliminate thus far. The high point of this kit is the decal sheet. It's not big, but it contains markings that would allow the build to build it using various other station registries. This will also be a great kit for some kitbashing - especially at a price of around 25.00.


    I'm going to try to get this one completed for the Atlanta show next weekend. I'll be rummaging through all of my spare parts boxes to add some surface details as well as improve some of the areas of the kit. The first improvement will be to replace the molded shuttlebay door with some styrene clapboard for better door detail.


    The following are some shots of the kit parts as well as some of my initial progress.

























  14. In doing some research for adding some extra detail to my latest project, I came across a neet (but dated) website with some photos of the original Battlestar Galactica studio model. For those who don't know, the original studio model surface detail was accomplished by using various parts from a plethora of Saturn V model parts and Tamiya armor kits - in some of the progress photos, you can even see Tamiya model kit boxes laying around. Also detailed is the studio model replica built by Jim Creveling. As best as I can tell, his replica is all but identical to the original...


    Just stare at the photos - I lost track of time and ended up spending nearly an hour looking at them - everyt time I took a second look, I could identify another familay tank or rocket part....




    It's a shame that pretty much every sci-fi series and film uses CGI. One recent notable exception is the 2009 film 'Moon' (highly recommended, by the way). While there's alot you can do with CGI, it still lacks a certain depth that comes with shooting physical miniatures. I simply don't think that depth can be duplicated with CGI (yet).



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