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  1. UNREAL, YES, MIKE GETS IT ONE GUESS!! :smiley20::smiley20::smiley20::smiley20:


    The odds against it are astronomical! Either your a true Movie Genius, or you have a heck of an image cleaning program!!


    I'll have to use a different method, to "hide" image portions, to make this harder, to make sure your the real "Mc Coy"!


    Very Impressive! :smiley32:


    That's 2 in a row for you Mike! Well done!!


    Give me a little time to create a new image, the Russian version of Solaris is a bit obscure, and few SF Movie buffs have seen it, I did not expect such a quick guess on this!







    And I fully agree, the US version with all it's special effects, could not match the "weirdness" of the original Russian film, even with it's very limited budget.



    No, I just recognized the viewscreen corner

  2. Glencoe Models also made one in 35th scale. If you have a Hobbytown USA near you, check that out as they seem to carry alot of the Glencoe kits and I always see a Mechanical Mule on the clearence table when I'm in there. I think that I have also seen the Dragon version as well.


    If you really want to ++++ off the signifcant other, you could buy the real thing - there's an M274 on ebay now for about 3800 bucks....

  3. From the MicroScale website:




    "Micro Sol setting solution is for the most difficult irregular surfaces you find on models. It completely softens the Microscale Decal allowing it to drape down onto the surface of the model conforming perfectly and without distortion. You can get the most amazing results in seemingly impossible places, because Micro Sol actually makes the decal part of the paint. For that reason you should coat Micro Sol on for only a few seconds and then leave it alone, it does the work. Do not touch until dry as the decal is very soft at this stage and could be easily damaged. "


    And let me tell you - Microsol worked beautifully for the decals applied to the waffel zimmerit on the Cyberhobby StuH 42 G

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