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  1. I joined my local chapter (IPMS_denver) now the Rob Wolf chapter in 1968 and joined national in 1970 (IPMS/USA 3687) and attended

    my first national convention in Wichita, Ks. that same year. Jere Vliet was president at that time and I have been a continuous member

    since that time. I was club secretary for eight years and newsletter editor for another eight (when we did it on a memeograph machine!

    I am currently the chapter contact and have been since the post was instituted.


    I served as national membership secretary from '85-'87 but never received a 25 year pin. I did receive a 10 year national judges pin quiet a while ago.

    I also served as national head automotive judge for several years and on the 2013 national convention committee

    Some of my contemporaries have received 50 year pins (in 2019) and I was looking forward to receiving one in 2020. Obviously that did

    not come to pass.  I certainly think I'm deserving of some little recognition for my longevity in supporting and serving the organization for 

    such a long continuous time without any break in membership. And I'm still around !

                                                                                            Cliff T. Davis



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  2. After seeing their ad in FSM I placed an order on February 6th for the monograph

    "Wings of Stars" that concerns U.S. Army aircraft between the wars.

    After receiving no confirmation I e-mailed them after a couple of weeks.

    Again, getting no response I e-mailed again on 6 March and 23 March without

    a reply.

    Has anyone else been ignored like this ? Now when I check their website it says

    that monograph is sold out.

    Did anyone else get treatment like this from Aviation Workshop? I doubt if I'll

    ever purchase or try to purchase any product from them in the future.


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