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  1. Hi Z. Maybe I can help a little. I believe that you indicated that you like the "brightness" of natural light but you find that the focus isn't always sharp. It could be that the camera doesn't know what you want to be the center of your interest and may be trying to focus more on the background which results in some details of the model not showing up too well. I usually have that problem when I photograph my models outside so I use a curved background so that the only item for the camera to "see" is the model. Here is a photo of my photography base;




    It is two pieces of plywood, hinged together with pieces of wood added to hold the background;




    This can be used indoors with lights added around the edges or with a flash or it can be used outside in natural light. I do recommend a tripod. That way, if the camera decides to use a slower speed, because of the light or the amount of telephoto used, the picture will still be sharp.

  2. No, they have not legalized weed in Michigan. Instead, by chance there is an interesting hot-air balloon show in Kalamazoo the week-end of our contest. Check out their web page; http://www.airzoo.org/event.php?menu_id=4&page_id=8&calendar_id=1&event_id=314


    If you arrive early or stay late for our contest on September 27, you can see some great balloon flights at the Air Zoo. Everything in Kalamazoo is close so enjoy. Still looking forward to seeing everyone here.



  3. We are looking forward to the new venue. It is on the second floor of the building but the space is larger and we have WINDOWS all along the side of the model room. We loved our previous venue at the Air Zoo but it was DARK plus they have added displays so we don't have enough space to use it anymore. The church gym that we used in 2012 was ok but for some reason, the church decided that they did not want to rent it to us again. I never got any negative feedback but they were steadfast. The Western Michigan University location looks to be great. Hoping to see everyone.



  4. I basically agree with Nick and Richard. I use MM Enamels almost exclusively. Probably using lacquer thinner for thinning helps them stick. I first uses acrylics when Polly S came out. I got big fish-eyes on some models when I didn't clean the model completely. Count me an enamel fan and hop that Testors at least has someone who still cares.

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