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  1. Glad I could help. Yes, I suspected that it might have been a wiring tunnel, I just wanted to be sure that you knew what I was talking about. With regard to the opening at the rear of the fuselage, it just looked like the end of the fuselage had simply been cut away. Here is a better photo of the opening (I took it because I had not noticed this before).




    Now you can add some structure inside the rear of the fuselage. :smiley16: :smiley16: Just kidding but I know some people who might try it.

  2. Hi David, Here is the info on the V-1 that you asked for.


    Front Engine Mount Strut. This strut is about 5 inches wide. On the picture below, you will note that there is a fine center-line seam on the fuselage and a reinforcement to the left of it. I measured from the reinforcement to the edge of the strut and to the center-line. It calculates to about 5 inches.




    Rear Fin and Rudder. The fin is about 2 1/2 inches wide and is the widest just before the rudder. Note the photo below. Also, note the opening at the rear of the fuselage. I assume that this is for drainage.




    Hope this helps.

  3. I just noted from the Rare Plane Detective ad that John Burns passed away Feb. 1. To those who are wondering who he is, he published PAK-20 - Plastic Aircraft Kits of the 20th Century and Beyond. His books were great references for checking out kits and kit values.

  4. Ah-Ha!!! Well done. I like the looks of the paint booth. One thing that you might want to add, if you don't have it, is to tape a small filter in front of the fan. You will be amazed how much paint it will collect. Good luck with your new set-up

  5. Welcome Balls. Your story sounds very familiar. Lots of us are getting to an advanced age and have been doing this for years. Show us some of your models. There are lots of good, friendly and very knowledgeable people here. You will enjoy it.

  6. Welcome Tom. Glad to have you here. Another Aero Engineer here but I want to Automotive.


    Please take another consideration for contests. I tend to agree with Mark on contests. I get a kick out of seeing my models on the table. Winning is not the important point. I enjoy looking at the competition and thinking "mine may be better than that one but this one is really much better than what I can do". Also, contests are a great place to meet with other modelers plus, with all of the vendors, it is always the best and least expensive hobby shop around.

  7. The ...index works for me. I had been having no luck for a couple of days so today, I tried to see if I could get on the site to see what happened. I used a reference to one of the reviews and got to the home page and forums from there. New look looks good.


    "That has to explain the Aztec; either that or hallucinogens..."


    As I understood it, the Aztec was based on a really good looking, different SUV Styling Model with some unique features. Obviously, the move from Styling Model to production machine did not go well. They had to utilize an existing platform that severely limited the design. As it turned out, people who actually owned Aztecs loved them. Also, the very same platform as the Aztec was used for the Buick Rendezvous. A hell of a lot better looking and better selling vehicle. The number of interchangeable parts between the two was pretty extensive.

  9. Getting away from Ron's original topic but it appears that Z is pointing out a big area where chapters and clubs can really help the hobby. Simply, we need to make ourselves known. Make sure that we have posters up in the local hobby shops telling about our clubs and when we meet. Our club also has a small build session at the local hobby shop once a month. People can see our members working on models and we make sure that they know where and when we meet. One, it adds new members but also it gets more people interested in the hobby. Our club meetings are usually pretty casual and informative. Members can and do ask questions during the meetings and great hints and tips get passed along.

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