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  1. David Klaus' IPMS Color Cross-reference Guide lists International Orange as a color used on RAAF Army Aircraft. No other orange is listed. I would feel comfortable using that color.

  2. Mean looking like a Tiger should be. As an airplane modeler, I love the detail on the model. Did you bend the side fenders or did they come that way? Also, what did you use for all the dirt on the model?

  3. Our club was supposed to have an April Fool's contest at the April meeting. It was meant to be a fun activity. After checking my stash, I decided to build the old Aeroclub kit of the Flying Flea. It was simple (5 plastic parts, 5 white metal parts) and I figured that I could build it in a month. After checking it out, I decided that it did not look enough like a flea so I made some additions. Here is the result.










    Note - I would have gone crazy if I had tried to build this to scale. All photos of the real Flying Flea on the net seem to be different plus the top wing is attached at a single point ahd then held in place by wires.


    Also, I don't know why I did it, seeing how this was just for fun, but I added a PE seat and an instrument panel to the model.

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