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  1. You are applying decals the same way that I do although I use Testors MM for my base coats. One thing to think about - do you have to use Microsol? I only use Microsol in case I need a decal to fit a complex surface. One other suggestion - Have you applied some more Future over the surface when everything is dry. This will usually eliminate any clouding effect. I then usually apply a flat clear acrylic topcoat to finish the model.

  2. Sounds like an interesting proposal. It can probably be developed although, as we all know, judging of models may be even more subjective than judging ice skaters.


    In any case, I am sure that your daughter had a good time. Sorry that I missed the competition. Where was it held? Wings stadium or the rink on N Ave.?

  3. Ed, I can understand your reaction. I saw the kit at the Nats and fell in love with it. Then, when Sprue Brothers were celebrating the Kansas City World Series win, I took advantage of them and ordered the kit. Of course, I had to add the Eduard PE set for the interior.


    I have always felt that the C-54 started my interest in airplanes. During late WW II, my mother worked for Douglas on the C-54. She would crawl inside the wings and back up the riveter. I stayed with an aunt of hers and as a 4-year old, would make crude drawings of a 4 engine airplane whenever her aunt wrote a letter to her.


    Good looking kit. I can't wait to start on it.

  4. I for one, know all the paint I have in my stock pile....it's all in bottles, it has the name of the manufacture, the color inside, complete (as of dated printed) safety data, a cap apon which I put a salvaged price tag from a previous purchase with the name written by my own hand with an environmentally sensitive marking system (The stub of a twig, from my yard, I burned to make a charcoal tip for writing)



    Like most modelers, I too have a reasonable case of AMS or OMS (old modeler syndrom) in my case. I have a data base program with all of my paints listed. The key thing in the future is that we will have to be more careful when we shop to replace a color or add a new one. Model on. BTW, I like the idea of buying all of the greens or grays to make sure that you have the right one but have you seen the price of paint? ;-)

  5. Michael, thank you so very much for passing along this sad news. I knew Gordon for many years. I first met him on a business trip to London in the late '60s. Jerry Campbell was starting to do business with Gordon so he asked me to look him up and buy dinner for him and his wife. As it turned out, I had dinner with Gordon & his wife at their house. Two very gracious people. I remained in contact with Gordon after he & Jerry parted. I continued to get Rareplane kits when I lived in Brazil and Venezuela and in fact, Gordon introduced me to a modeler in Venezuela, Armando Gil who loved building and collecting like we do.


    Gordon really advanced vacuum formed modeling when he started using female molds to make his models. The plastic is drawn into the mold and all of the surface detail that is built into the mold is imbedded into the outside of the part. Most other vacuum formed models had the plastic being drawn around a male mold, similar to the Mattel toy, with poor surface detail. Gordon would smile when he told me that the models that he built for advertising photos were only finished on one side. He said "I usually don't have time to finish both sides of the model."

  6. Just got back from seeing the Tom Hanks movie, "Bridge of Spies". The wife and I both loved it. Good characters and an interesting story. Lots of good references to the late 50's time frame. Cars, women's makeup etc. were correct. Being a modeler, I was annoyed that they used clips of a U-2R for the movie instead of the earlier models but I was probably the only one in the theater who knew. I was still in college when Powers was shot down and the government said that a weather recon airplane went off course. My roommate and I both laughed because a 3-view of the plane had been published a couple of years earlier in a model magazine. The 3-view said that "it is rumored that the plane is used for high-altitude reconnaissance over the iron curtain".

  7. Hagenbring's Department Store in Arlington Heights, IL, had a toy department down in the basement space, and they had a great Revell salesman who kept them stocked with new box scale kits in the '50s. I remember desperately trying to raise the 98 cents plus 3 cents sales tax to buy the new Revell Boeing B-52A Stratofortress because I loved the box art. I could also buy 10 cent bottles of Pactra paints in the small square bottles there--red, yellow, blue, white, black, and silver (all gloss, they worked, too). T

    Ed, was the Revell kit one of the four box scale kits that had plastic stands that swivelled 360 degrees? I had all four of them mounted to the wall of my bed room.

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