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  1. Whenever I need a US price for a Quickboost part, I check out Sprue Brothers. They seem to be very good. Here is there web site. Sprue Brothers
  2. Not really. Surprising enough, I followed the Roden recommendations. They call for Model Master 2050. Roden call the color Matt WWI Green although Model Master call it Olive Drab ANA 615. It seems to be within the range of colors recommended by many references. In any case, I like to have a little variation between similar models on the shelf.
  3. What a neat model Gil. Love the looks of the final product. I would have loved to have seen one of those beasts lumber into the air.
  4. I agree with both uses. In addition, one time, I spilled some on the floor of the shop. It was amazing how good the floor looked when I finished mopping it up. :P
  5. Someone might as well start this topic. It is also a learning experience with the new board. I finally got the landing gear mounted and hope to make some real progress in finishing my Comic Fighter. I can never build one over the weekend like Kelly. I seem to go in little steps - interior, general assembly, details and finishing. Biplanes seem to be more of a problem. I guess I have to work up my nerve. Now, I have the two tough items finished, top wing and landing gear. Now for the details, decals and finally the rigging. Stay tuned.
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