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  1. The links are working now. If I run into the problem again I will send you a screenshot. Thanks, Keith
  2. The Region and Chapter map pages. Some of the links work but many still show the "Banned" message. Keith
  3. I opened a fresh page and many of the links are still broken. Keith
  4. I was trying to look up some chapters to see if they will be having their annual model shows next year and all of the links I tried I keep getting the same message "Sorry, has been banned." Keith Sullivan
  5. Ralph: That will be fine. I will look you up at the convention to finalize the arrangements. Keith
  6. I have a room at the Embassy Suites for 14 - 18 August for the convention and am looking for someone to share the room. I will be arriving in Denver at 1:35 PM local time on the 14th, renting a car and driving to Loveland, probably arriving around 3:00-3:30 PM. Also, anyone arriving at theDenver airport around that time I can probably take 1 person, (very small car) to the hotel. I will be leaving on Sunday morning around 4:00AM and can take 1 person to the Denver airport. Thanks, Keith Sullivan IPMS Dayton :blu-plane:
  7. I have a reservation at the Embassy Suites and am looking for a roommate. The reservation is for arrival 8/14 and departure 8/18. Keith :blu-plane:
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