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  1. I need some suggestions/feedback on how to complete this model.

    First let me give you some info.

    I do not own an air-brush. The spray painting was done with rattle cans. The rest is brush work. I did use some black Tamiya panel line accent, and I have the rust color on the way. I will use the rust wash to try to soften the effect of the black. The problem for me in this situation is that like most Revell kits the panel lines are raised rather than recessed.

    Am I headed in the right direction on this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Craig C.









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  2. Hello All,

    Craig C. here. I'm new to the forum. Came here looking to find info on any upcoming expos. Thought I would upload some images of a recent build. 

    I built this model back in the late 90's when it first came out, and thought I would give it another try. I found this one on eBay at a good price, ($45 shipped). This kit is challenging as there are so many ill fitting parts, but today with all the tools and materials available online to modelers it can make for a decent display. Pardon my photos. I going to have to construct my own light box for a model of this size... WIP. There isn't much detail OOTB, so I added some photo-etch parts... F-15 cockpit instrumentation and ejection seat harnesses. Really wasn't anything I could find in this scale for the F-22. I also removed the needle from the nose cone and reshaped it to more closely resemble the production version. Took a total of about 4 months to complete, (that includes time waiting for parts and paint to ship). Hope you all enjoy them








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