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  1. Howdy all! Recently I have been trying to get one of my friends in to model building after he expressed interest in owning some World War 2 plane models. To be honest I am not really sure how to start him off and I am thinking about recommending him one of those Airfix starter kits from Amazon (we don't have a hobby shop nearby). Do any of you have any good suggestions for starting kits and supplies that are budget friendly?
  2. Howdy all! I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any active IPMS groups in the San Francisco bay area. I am only asking because the chapter I did find was the Mount Diablo chapter based in Concord and all the meetings list are for 2014.
  3. Can't really blame them for being a bit behind with everything going on in the world. Besides maybe they're just taking their time making it the best one ever.
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