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  1. Today was detail painting: seat cushions, shovel & axe, radios, etc.... mostly using different ODs for some tonal variety.
  2. Now that is one superb diorama! The civilians really make this one shine!
  3. I finished up the camo today. Then went back with a brush and hit the few areas where the masked areas didn’t quite meet up properly and the base color came thru where it should not. Behold the MASSTER (camo)! I really do like this scheme! Next up all the detail painting before weathering and decals...
  4. This is one you might want to display on a mirror base to show off all that underside detail. Looking very beautiful so far!
  5. That’s a great Desert War collection Gil! As for bombers, I’d suggest an A-20 or B-25 for the Allies and a Ju-88 or SM-79 for the Axis.
  6. Oh that’s quite a bit of pin mark clean up to do... and in tight places! Yuck! But the rest looks real good so far!
  7. Yeah, this will be a cool project somewhere down the road. I’m gonna paint and mark it up from my first line unit. Should look good in Spring Temperate MERDC.
  8. Mark and Joe, thank you! I’m glad that you’re enjoying this project! Today’s progress update... I spent way more time masking with Silly Putty than I did airbrushing paint, stirring and thinning paint, and cleaning my airbrush... Man is that a task to use Silly Putty on such a pattern, I think that I need to buy another egg or two of the stuff... Humbrol enamels: First color, Matt Brown 186, which is supposed to be a good match for Earth Red FS 30117 Second Color, Matt Forest Green 150, which is supposed the match Forest Green FS 34127 I already know I’m gonna have to go back and do touch ups.... Plus one more color to go on the pattern...
  9. FedEx brought this in today. I’ve been wanting this kit for awhile and found one for a good price on eBay...
  10. Thanks Mark. I have another in the stash. I think on that one, I’ll have a go at the wipers instead of the motors... lol! And for today... Base color of the MASSTER scheme, Humbrol enamel Sand FS 30277, airbrushed onto the topside. More coming soon...
  11. Apparently USS Florida fired 93 TLAMs during Operation Odyssey Dawn against targets in Libya in 2011. Not exactly high risk combat, and questionable about the shots being fired “in anger”, but they were war shots, and likely did cause casualties beyond mere property damage. And 93 is a LOT of missiles from one launch platform.
  12. My first go to place when I’m looking for old kits is eBay. Then there is always Rareplane Detective. I’m not sure if his website is all one word or not.
  13. And the painting has begun! You can have your jeep in any colorful want...as long as it’s Olive Drab. Out of the factory, they were delivered in OD. The 7th Army MASSTER camo was applied in Europe at the unit level over the original OD. Based on a few photos and typical GI behavior, I’m going with the underside and engine compartment still in original OD. I used Revell enamel NATO Olive in this case. 20 years old and my little tin is still going strong. I’ll let it dry overnite then start on the MASSTER camo colors tomorrow using Humbrol enamels.
  14. Two fingers of bourbon is a great way to put life in perspective and relax the mind. I highly recommend it! So, this afternoon I finished up construction. Aside from a few small parts such as the rear view mirror, which I will add soon. Based upon some information that I was told elsewhere, the windshield wiper motors have an issue. The motors are molded for the type that both swing left to right and back at the same time. But the blades are molded with the type that meet in the middle on each cycle, so one motor has to be inverted on the backside of the windshield. Which one to address? I opted for shaving off the driver side wiper motor and inverting it. 99.9% of people who see this build will not know any different. And here with basic construction completed. Painting starts tomorrow!
  15. Welcome from one new member to another! I hop that you’ll be sharing your builds here with us soon!
  16. Thanks for your compliments and that information Ralph. I remember the ESCI A-7 kits quite well. I’ve built the D and have the E in my stash. I think that those actually came out before Monogram had retooled the ex Aurora A-7. And yes it is debatable as to which is superior to the other. Yes ESCI does offer a wing fold option, but with no detail in said wing fold area. The Monogram cockpit has better detail than ESCI. Obviously the more recent Hasegawa and Hobbyboss kits offer higher levels of detail and accuracy.
  17. She looks good! Got any more photos of her?
  18. Truth be told, I love old kits. My hat is off to anyone who can make them look great. Build them when you can to the best of your abilities and have fun while doing so!
  19. Mark, this project is just what the doctor ordered... along with two fingers of bourbon 😉 I only got in an hour or less in at the bench this morning, so some quick work. Based off what I was told regarding inaccuracies in this kit, I sanded the shape of the sides to correct the profile of the rear wheel area Then I built and added added the radios, antenna mount, and dash area One more longer session and gluing will be complete. Then comes the fun part... painting!
  20. Bob, this is the Monogram issue of the kit. It was originally an Aurora mold that Monogram acquired when Aurora folded. Monogram retooled the molds a bit, adding wheel wells, a cockpit, and some other goodies, like they also did with the F-111. I built the Aurora A-7 long ago, but it was given to my kids to play with once they came along years later. Good diversion to keep them from playing with dad’s then recent and current builds... Thats too funny about an Aurora category at contests. Might as well add Lindberg there too... 🤣
  21. Thanks for the heads up on the You Tube Somua videos. I will have to check those out! And you’re welcome for the Mr Surfacer information.
  22. You’re welcome. If there was no luck with Pennsylvania, I was going to suggest looking up the model on display in the Arizona Memorial. That model is supposed to be super accurate.
  23. I think there is some slight difference in the mount framework. A Greek AM company called Slingshot Models made one, but it does not appear to be in business anymore. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/slingshotmodels-ssm35004-m48-patton-early-type-commanders-cupola--235070
  24. That turned out really well! 👍 I had no idea that Frog did repops of Academy kits. The things that one can learn here...
  25. I could find no clear photos of this area on USS Arizona. However, this is her sister ship, USS Pennsylvania, at Mare Island during refit a few months after Pearl Harbor in a photo that I found on Navsource. If you look closely at the forward end of the funnel, you can see ladder rungs.
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