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  1. 20 hours ago, ghodges said:

    Looks nice....but gotta wonder why 1/35 and not 1/32, especially with absolutely no connection to armor stuff.


    Gil :cool:

    Well, ya could pose it with some Tamiya or Fine Molds 1/35 staff cars or trucks on an airfield display scene. I don’t think there are any such similar kits in 1/32.

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  2. Here I go again…. Last night at IPMS was our annual “swap meet” meeting. Folks clear out their stashes a bit. Anyways I found a couple of items for dirt cheap…

    first up was the old Aurora Breguet 14B kit


    the kit decals are wasted, but there some Peddinghaus decals available that cost several times what I paid for this kit…

    and then I found these decal sets- national insignia for B-24s, which will help out for the B-24 in my stash, (a 2 sheet set for dirt cheap again) and a partial set for Corsairs (for free due to its partial condition!)


    I particularly liked one Corsair on the sheet because one, it’s a Goodyear produced FG-1A, built right up the road here at the old Goodyear plant here, and two, it’s from the battle of Pelilieu, so will be a great option for a WWII USMC ground support Corsair for one in my stash…

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  3. Thanks for the belated birthday greetings Mark. I’ve picked up a few more goodies recently.

    Some new acquisitions for my flyers. First up I picked up these PE rigging sets for my recent Yellow Wings kits- a set for the P-26, and a generic set that will work on the P-6E


    Then I picked up this kit, that I had been wanting for some time, but waited too long to get when they were in the shops


    With some of the extra parts on this D, and some resin seats in my spares bin, I can now backdate the older D that I have in my stash into a TARPS B variant. Now I need to score some B decals.

  4. The rest of todays bench session was spent on my Mig-3. 

    First up I drilled out and added the exhaust pipes to the engine


    Then I began all the base color painting. The two different colors on the fuselage interior are due to the materials used. The rear of the fuselage is wooden while the front is metal. According to what I’ve read, the Soviets used different color lacquers on each material


    I also prepped the Cutting Edge IP for assembly and installation.

  5. So today was a lot of painting… and masking… I found some good photos of the F2A-2 prototype cockpit, and went with those as a guide. As you can see, the cockpit is typical of the Yellow Wings era, and mostly aluminum lacquer, but with black sidewalls above the consoles.



    So I painted an aluminum base coat, and masked off the areas that would be black. Plus some Metalizer Steel on the engine to start that out

    Next up is detail painting…

  6. Now that my last project is all wrapped up, I’m resuming work on this one, plus working on my Yellow Wing F2A as well. I’ll bounce back and forth between the two while glue or paint dries.
    Today I built the cockpit and added some interior parts on the cowling area.


    More to come soon as paint goes on… 

  7. Well it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!
    I’m calling this beast finished. Dragon’s 1/35 M48A1, (Magach boxing) done up as Elvis’s ride in “GI Blues”. Markings are cobbled together from what I have in my decal bin. The TC figure was originally from the Academy KIFV, modified slightly.








    And I made up a simple base for it as well…


    Thanks for looking, comments and critiques welcome…
    Thank you very much… 😉

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  8. Thanks Mark.

    John, this thing sure was tubby. More in the likes of the P-35 than the Zero, Spitfire, or Bf-109. But from what I’ve read, the F2A is basically a chopped down two seat scout bomber turned into a fighter.

  9. So as my latest project winds down, it’s time to start another. This is my Tamiya’s 1/48 F2A-2. Last nite at IPMS I started construction and built most of the interior up to where I needed to start painting. The original molds date back to the mid 1970’s, and overall the detail in not too bad.


    More to come once I’ve got some paint on this one…

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  10. Thank you Mark. I’m trying to keep this one looking in good condition as the US Army of that era was very much about sharp appearances. Especially over in West Germany. Can’t look bad facing off against those heathen communists.

    Over the holiday weekend it was quite busy here, but I was able to get a few more small bench sessions in: flat coat, painting of the stowage & dust covers, and washes on those items. 



    I think a couple more sessions and I can call this one finished.

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