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  1. Saving my money to pay for gas, and spend the rest in Omaha. 32 days.
  2. Friend of mine belongs to an association (small in numbers) that hired an event planning company for their reunions.
  3. My registration was very smooth, showing up early to get my t-shirts. 😉
  4. DaSWO


    When Putin is gone. I think cutting their Social Media access was/is a mistake as they no longer get an opposing view.
  5. I love brawny towels.
  6. I print my copies and have them in a 3 ring notebook.
  7. Decals are the only addition for mt OOB models, most of my purchases have been older kits with iffy decals. Kit decals or aftermarket decals still go on the same with the same potential problems.
  8. Use the guarantee as a room down payment? otherwise it sounds like the NFL Box License tax on Season Ticket holders.
  9. My guess is they go digital to survive, cuts printing costs and I already get digital magazines for my Kindle.
  10. My first Nationals, had a great time and the Vegas crew pulled off a good show.
  11. Not happy about masking, but I'll willingly wear one if it means making the convention a go.
  12. Skip the pinball museum, it's just an arcade (but go if you want to play oldschool pinball).
  13. I just hope this is over by August. Long term mask wearing is hard on me, so I generally take mine on/off as I can. Guess I need to go on Amazon and get a vented mask. Either way, I have a room and will make the long drive to Vegas.
  14. I am trying to convert an old F-16A into a F-16ADF I have everything I need except a base for the tail. All the conversion kits seem to be sold out. It's a long shot, but does anyone have a conversion kit they'd be willing to sell? or willing to make a cast so I could form the parts I need?
  15. The panels just aft of the cockpit remind me of the YF-35B
  16. @doorslammer1968 This is the general kit I used. https://smile.amazon.com/Dremel-EZ688-01-Piece-Mini-Cutting/dp/B07BNJM92F/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2QOZ3AIZ9BTOH&dchild=1&keywords=dremel+cutting+kit&qid=1609804710&sprefix=dremel+cutting%2Caps%2C463&sr=8-3 The specific disk number is EZ476
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