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  1. My first Nationals, had a great time and the Vegas crew pulled off a good show.
  2. Not happy about masking, but I'll willingly wear one if it means making the convention a go.
  3. Skip the pinball museum, it's just an arcade (but go if you want to play oldschool pinball).
  4. I just hope this is over by August. Long term mask wearing is hard on me, so I generally take mine on/off as I can. Guess I need to go on Amazon and get a vented mask. Either way, I have a room and will make the long drive to Vegas.
  5. DaSWO

    F-16 ADF

    Sorry, 1/48th.
  6. I am trying to convert an old F-16A into a F-16ADF I have everything I need except a base for the tail. All the conversion kits seem to be sold out. It's a long shot, but does anyone have a conversion kit they'd be willing to sell? or willing to make a cast so I could form the parts I need?
  7. The panels just aft of the cockpit remind me of the YF-35B
  8. @doorslammer1968 This is the general kit I used. https://smile.amazon.com/Dremel-EZ688-01-Piece-Mini-Cutting/dp/B07BNJM92F/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2QOZ3AIZ9BTOH&dchild=1&keywords=dremel+cutting+kit&qid=1609804710&sprefix=dremel+cutting%2Caps%2C463&sr=8-3 The specific disk number is EZ476
  9. I'll look for my dremel, but they make a thin cutting blade for plastic.
  10. Dremel and sand paper. But be very careful with the dremel.
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