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  1. Gil, Are you looking for tickets to the night at the Museum. I will have two spares as we had a few cancelations from our group. I also have two tickets for the awards banquet Saturday night. Hit me up. best to email at jwporco@gmail.com or text 702-296-9976 Joe #20296
  2. So happy to at least had a little part in making this bid happen. Can't wait to get to Omaha and help Scott Hackney and his crew pull off an excellent 2022 show. Looking forward to a big fat steak too. See you in Omaha Joe Porche' 20296 RC#8
  3. I though registration was smooth as silk, now if my t-shirts arrive in the correct size is another issue. Guess I need to loose some weight so I can wear a large again......LOL Joe Porche' #20296
  4. Note: This is my personal opinion based on my own experience with both our local shows and the IPMS national convention NCC needs to address this issue within the rules asap or well soon possible. With todays electronics there is no reason why anyone should need AC power for their creations. Providing power is a huge expense and pain for the host clubs. Vegas spent over $1000 providing power for the model room. That averaged $110 per model that needed power. If we are serious about keeping convention cost down we need to stop placating to contestants that cannot build around such a rule as "No AC power will be provided for model entries, no exception. Three options, provide your own AC power backup, purchase the AC power from the host site. ($$$$), build your model with simple DC battery power." Not meant as an insult anyone but we somehow need to real in cost and this is simply one convention expense that is way too high. Joe Porche #20296
  5. As JB VP#2 previously said 2023 is taken care of by San Marcos, Tx return to the plate. That with 6+ years of planning should be an awesome convention and I am looking forward to attending. As for 2024, I have lent my hand to all those that have reached out for info for their proposals based on my experience here in Las Vegas and I am sure that that you all will be happy and excited about the bids that will be coming forward soon. There will be bidders for 2024 and possibly 2025. Joe Porche' #20296 RC#8
  6. Sprue Brothers has not and does not vend at these shows but is a MAJOR sponsor. Besides a healthy cash donation Gordon paid for all your decals. FYI his son starts Coll├Ęge this week so if he shows up at the show feel blessed. Se y'all soon. Joe Porche'
  7. Our plan is to tour this show on Saturday with the VP to see how the Rio is handling its first major show post?during pandemic. The star trek people have announced a lot of covid type restrictions. Photo ops highly regulated. We will see how the Rio is doing. Joe
  8. JIm, And $35 was a heck of a deal. Dak, "then the excuse that dioramas are against the wall because some may need power, is a poor reason." I interpreted that as "poor excuse for throwing them up against the wall" FYI the original budget for ALL electrical, Data and AV Needs was 12k. After our pie in the sky approach with the Rio they hit us with a 29K bill. Once my heart restarted Dioramas got thrown to the wall, so we could shave the bill down to 11k+. what did we loose. All the data and power drops we needed. 2 k A 1/2 day of seminars because they charge full price for the whole day. another 2.5k An awesome awards show spectacular 10k. A far out raffle Audio visual display 6k. yeah i though that much for audio for the raffle WTF? Anyways I wonder. safe travels all Joe
  9. Shade is your friend Cameron. Either under cover in the car or simply park the car in the shade. There is a bus stop style entrance on the east side of the convention center where you can [part and quickly bring your entries into the convention center and then go park your car on any level but the top of the parking garage. Joe
  10. Read the rules. The Host club does not have to provide power or space to anyone without 30 days notice. Section I #6. As for it being a "poor excuse for throwing them up against the wall" What else do we throw up against the wall? We can have more power available at less cost to the membership along the wall. Center tables all require their own drop. Each drop cost money. Along the wall I can have one or two drops and power dozens of models. I personally believe it is a waist of IPMS USA money to provide power for anyone's models or dioramas. DC power only and write it into the rules. Models must be self contained, PERIOD. NCC Write it into the rules. I truthfully think the biggest issue is will we have enough room for all the entries. Joe Porche' Not written by an arm chair quarter back. The person who personally spent dozens of hours going back and forth on the model room layout and will take full responsibility for it. Don't like it hit me up, we can have a spirited conversation. 702-296-9976 or jwporco@gmail.com
  11. Just an FYI there is currently No in-house room service from the Rio. What the are offering is essentially "Grub Hub" type service were you can order from an App. called Ceasar's Eats and have delivered anywhere on the property. The food will come from your choice of local/Rio on property restaurants. I will try to share the app. below https://rlv.playbytr.com/guest#/menu/2?tmpl=container-sections
  12. The best we can offer is a town with unlimited possibilities of distractions. It became virtually impossible to schedule any tours to malls or such with the pandemic. Maybe you noticed there are no tours this year and we did have some knockouts lined up. At the show there will be a break/rest area adjacent to the display only model area. Really just a place to relax away form the show, maybe take your lunch break here or just catch up on your thoughts. Water will be provided. I would suspect that the casino, in hotel shopping and fantastic pools might be enough. Joe Porche' #2
  13. Fyi. Other than valet, parking is free at the Rio still.
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