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  1. The simple answer to this issue is to stop booking these events in way undersized venues. We need 100,000 square feet and 700 plus room venues. Embassy suites have nice facilities but will never be large enough. Have you all forgotten about our vendors who have to pull out early on Saturday so we can convert the vendor room to a banquet room. We need to grow up folks and realize these facilities may seem priced right but DO NOT meet the needs of our convention. And I will say it $55 for convention registration is like the national minimum wage. It is not keeping up with the times and severely hampers our ability to enter other larger convention markets.
  2. Thank you DaSWO for having such confidence in So-Cal or Nevada recovering so quickly. The club I helped out is far out of my region but the RC is a good friend of mine, so I lent support where I could. I really do wish it goes for them. A truthfully beautiful community. You will know soon enough but definitely not region 8
  3. I have two dinner tickets available for the banquet on Saturday Night. One each Grilled Atlantic Salmon for $47 or Asiago Chicken Artichoke at $45.00. Please hit me up via text at 702-296-9976 or email jwporco@gmail.com. Willing to deal on a purchase of both. Thank you Joe
  4. So happy to at least had a little part in making this bid happen. Can't wait to get to Omaha and help Scott Hackney and his crew pull off an excellent 2022 show. Looking forward to a big fat steak too. See you in Omaha Joe Porche' 20296 RC#8
  5. I though registration was smooth as silk, now if my t-shirts arrive in the correct size is another issue. Guess I need to loose some weight so I can wear a large again......LOL Joe Porche' #20296
  6. Note: This is my personal opinion based on my own experience with both our local shows and the IPMS national convention NCC needs to address this issue within the rules asap or well soon possible. With todays electronics there is no reason why anyone should need AC power for their creations. Providing power is a huge expense and pain for the host clubs. Vegas spent over $1000 providing power for the model room. That averaged $110 per model that needed power. If we are serious about keeping convention cost down we need to stop placating to contestants that cannot build around such a rule as "No AC power will be provided for model entries, no exception. Three options, provide your own AC power backup, purchase the AC power from the host site. ($$$$), build your model with simple DC battery power." Not meant as an insult anyone but we somehow need to real in cost and this is simply one convention expense that is way too high. Joe Porche #20296
  7. As JB VP#2 previously said 2023 is taken care of by San Marcos, Tx return to the plate. That with 6+ years of planning should be an awesome convention and I am looking forward to attending. As for 2024, I have lent my hand to all those that have reached out for info for their proposals based on my experience here in Las Vegas and I am sure that that you all will be happy and excited about the bids that will be coming forward soon. There will be bidders for 2024 and possibly 2025. Joe Porche' #20296 RC#8
  8. Fyi. Other than valet, parking is free at the Rio still.
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