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  1. It has been a while since I have done anything on this project.  A four letter word got on the way, (WORK).  Anyway I decided to paint the frame metallic blue, Tamiya. Added a distributor, sparkplug wires and boots.  Wired up the coil and plumbed the vacuum line from the distributor.  

  2. I was in Michaels looking for Flow Aid and I came across this kit in the limited model section.  I have done some of the sub assembly and freed the side windows from the frame.  I will post more pics as I accomplish more.  













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  3. 23 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

    Thanks Dave and Mark!! I appreciate the comments fellas.

    Mark: Yes sir-both were made from scratch. The wires were made from wire from Lex's Scale Modeling. I cut small diameter wire and used the insulation as the spark plug wire boots. Brake lines were formed and made from solder.

    The engine:



    Ok one more question, how did you achieve the "cast iron" look on the exhaust manifold?

  4. 13 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

    That paint turned out pretty dang good Mark!! You can tell that you really put alot of work into that!! 

    On your next one if you wanna bring the shine up just a tad more you can wet sand it using 4000 then 6000 then 8000 and lastly 12000 grit fine finishing sandpaper.  This process will get rid of any remaining traces of orange peel or surface irregularities in the paint. Be sure to cut the sanding paper into 1" squares and apply light pressure paying attention not to spend a whole lot of time to the corners, raised surfaces or details. Spending too much time sanding these areas will result in burning through the paint. After that wash it under cold water with a mild soap and after drying polish the whole body with Novus 2 plastic polish. Bring plenty of patience to the table and you'll be amazed at the outcome. 

    Clear coats help immensely with a shine but we'll get to that later. 


    Thanks, Joseph.  that Maverick you did was the inspiration for the repaint.  my next project is a 71-73 bronco let's see how that goes.

  5. 15 hours ago, dvonalmen said:


    The Goat looks great. Nice choice for the color. 

    I am working on several projects at once so I have something in the works while other stuff dries. Maybe I will get around to posting a few pictures one day.

    Have a nice day and keep building.

    David Von Almen, Gentleman Modeler in Paradise

    Thank you David, can't wait to see...

  6. Got this kit for Christmas in 2019.  I built it but was not happy with the paint job. It looked like I painted it with a crayon.  So after my last project, I took it apart and sanded it down to body in white.  Original paint job was Testors acrylic blue.  The new color is 1 part Tamiya flat aluminum, 1 part Tamiya flat white, 1 part Tamiya nato black, and 1 part Tamiya thinner.  The resulting color, which my wife approved, was compounded then waxed.  I will include a pic of the original paint job.





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