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  1. Since the decal is to go the the model stand, that shouldn't be an issue. I've got Mr Mark Setter but no softener. Oh well - off to the online store! Edited to add: Woo-hoo! I have a bottle of Mr Mark Softener!
  2. No-one? The model is all but done and I need to replace this canopy. Related - the decals with it are obviously old, a little brown but still usable. I'm going to use the decal for the aircraft stand but just save the others (I've ordered some 1/48 decals online). Are there any tips / tricks for using old decals? Preventing them breaking, etc?
  3. To be honest, I thought that in this day & age of 3D printing, there would be a CAD file somewhere....
  4. Hi! First post. I have an Aurora F4H Phantom kit (1961), 1:48 scale that I was in the middle of building but I have lost the canopy for it. Anyone know how I could get a replacement, one piece canopy that will fit? I *think* it was a 'flat' canopy, one of the early F4Hs. Thanks!
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