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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Having worked on the 2012 Nationals, I know y'all have been working your tails off the last two years. It really sucks to see all your work get flushed, especially less than a month out. Hopefully, all the scientist working on a vaccine will get one ready, so we can put this disease behind us and meet next year in Las Vegas. Take care, and stay safe.
  2. Sheppard AFB based birds, such as T-37s, T-38s, and B-52s. Carswell AFB based B-36s, Texas ANG F-101Bs for their 1978 William Tell Championship.
  3. LenPilhofer, Sounds good. Is there a chance of a tour to the forts and bases around San Antonio? I'd think if we could get on Luke AFB, Offutt AFB, NAS Oceana, the Norfolk Navy Base, etc, I'd think we could get on the bases in Texas as well. I'll definitely go to the Alamo, even if I have to drive myself. Someone who's good with organization should make a good tour co-ordintor. All that really needs to be done is arrange the transportation and get with the tour destinations. Where cost are involved, it is best to get everything under contract as early as possible with options for more buses and tickets where applicable. Have a great Labor Day Weekend. Fred
  4. Hello, I like the theme you've chosen for the 2020 Nationals. I remember the history behind that flag and the Gonzales Canon from 7th grade Texas History 48 years ago when we lived at Sheppard AFB where my late father was a Preventive Dentistry Instructor at the time. I'm really looking forward to returning to Texas, as I've not been since the 2000 Nationals in Dallas. Have you got your tours lined up yet? I was the Tour Coordinator for the 2012 Nationals at Disneyworld, so I might be able to give ya'll some pointers to avoid a few pitfalls I had. Take care. Fred
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