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  1. I just finished building my 1st model after a 70 year hiatus. Since I worked on the H-34 that was the first model I chose. As I got up to bring the model out to show my wife my sleeve caught on it and it fell to the floor demolishing the tail rotor and blades. I kinda got it glued back but if anyone has parts and pieces available which includes the tail rotor blades and rotor head to glue them back. Man everything was so pristine. Grrrrrrr. The kit was an MRC/Gallery p/n 64101 0r 02. I couldn't find this old model anywhere. Can anyone help out?
  2. As the name implies when in the Marines in the very early 60s I was a mechanic on the UH-34 helicopter. I also love the F4U Corsair. Just got back into modeling after many years. I have to say it has come along way from the old wooden models I built in the late 40's
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