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  1. JADAR in Poland. Unusual stuff, huge selection, great prices, fast delivery, courteous. Highly recommended! Nick Filippone
  2. Starfighters makes a beautiful resin interior set for the 1/72 Monogram P-36, as well as resin landing gear bays. They also have excellent decal sheets for it. All highly recommended! Nick Filippone
  3. Come, come now! Of course, there is no rule-written or unwritten- that favours are larger entry over a smaller. When I made that comment, I was referring to the understandable human tendency to be impressed by size and equate it with effort and, therefore, quality. While this is more likely to take place at a local level show, where, in my experience, ship judging can be spotty, it is unlikely to occur at the Nationals where there are always sufficient numbers of knowledgeable and experienced judges. Having said that, it can still be a struggle for a small entry to compete with a large entry- ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL! Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  4. There at least five Tigercats on e-bay right now! Nick Filippone
  5. I have an even better technique than Gil's. If you are going to fill in those trenches, then paint the model and just draw in the panel lines with a .3 mm Pentel technical pencil. Nick Filippone
  6. Of course, a popular convention site is going to attract lots of conventions. We are and always will be small potatoes compared to organizations like Mary Kay and 31 and CCH- whatever that was. Given all the problems we are having finding anyplace affordable, we can probably expect these conflicts with other people's conventions will go on-especially when these hotels and facilities have the temerity to actually try to maximize their space and room utilization and therefore their profits! Shocking! Nick Filippone
  7. I would be willing to bet "dollars to doughnuts," as me sainted Irish Mother would say, that if you superimposed a map of where, historically, the Nationals have been held over the past 40+ years, you would find a simple truth: the more chapters in a particular part of the country, the greater the chance of one of them submitting a bid and, therefore, the National ending up there! Duh! Nick Filippone
  8. Don't worry about it. Paint it. Do the panel lines in a wash or with pencil (my preferred technique). Anything else is too much like work! Be happy! Nick Filippone
  9. I'm curious. What were "all the issues we had at Columbus with CCH and 31?" I was there for the whole Convention. What did I miss? Nick Filippone
  10. Clare, PM me with your USPS address and I will send you a copy. Regards, Nick Filippone
  11. Ian, Hi! I saw your ship early in the show and was very impressed. It was beautiful, much better than my Pamir and I was very happy when I saw it was entered in the sailing category and not the commercial category where my Pamir was. I did not, however, "judge" it and cannot say how it compared to the others you were competing against. But I would, respectfully, like to give you a bit of advice on competing: generally speaking, at any level of competition, size does matter. That is to say, a small entry will at a disadvantage compared to a large entry. While some of my fellow judges, I garuntee, are going to take me to task on that statement, it is true often enough that it must inform your thinking when you "strategize" about entry placement. Just between you and I, to achieve the level of detail and finish you did but in such a small scale, should be an advantage-but it is not, usually. I hope you will bring it to a National again. This time, enter it in the commercial category. ( I don't know why I am saying this. I'll probably be in that category again!) The model is excellent and all of we trophy hounds have occasionally found that "second time is the charm." Good luck and congratulations on your superior work! Nick Filipponr, Senior National Judge
  12. It would appear that there are a lot of factors that have to come together to get a bid awarded-manpower, enthusiasm , site costs, costs to attendees, location, projected profit margin. Then that bid must be at least as good as any other bid. If it is a weak proposal compared to another, the E-Board would be irresponsible to award it the Convention when a better bid is on the table. There is a lot of money at stake and the National organization underwrites any potential loss. Nick Filippone
  13. If the instructions direct you to perform a particular maneuver, then it is still OOB. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  14. I don't think it is profit for the organization that tilts the decision in a particular direction. I think it is more the costs to the attendees. Almost every expense to attend in Phoenix was going to be higher than in Omaha. What I see coming in the future, possibly, is the Convention site being limited to small cities and/or interior sites like Omaha or Columbia where the cost of living is lower, areas that up to now have not been discovered by the "high rollers." Nick Filippone
  15. If it is the same kit I and my friend got, it is the Airfix Boeing Model 314. It is in 1/144 scale and despite some raised detail, it is a very good kit. The build is straight forward. If you pm me with your snail mail address, I will send you a copy of the instructions. I've got several. Nick Filippone
  16. Good summary, Fred. I might only suggest you add the word "affordable" in front of "site." As you well know, all the enthusiasm and manpower in the world cannot make up for high venue prices, unless the members attending the Nationals are willing to pay $100. or more for registration. Nick Filippone
  17. I too attended the bid presentation. My guess is that while both were very good presentations, it came down to finances. Phoenix was going to be a much costlier site. Costs were going to be higher for attendees and the estimated margin of profit in their budget was much smaller. This emphasizes again how site costs are increasingly limiting our options. Nick Filippone
  18. For heaven's sake, Jim! I'm not deciding anything! I was suggesting that in fairness to the members in the West, Phoenix might be a better choice than Omaha- ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL. I attend the National Business Meeting and the bid presentations faithfully every year. I keep myself informed. I have seen good and bad presentations. I know for a fact, as discussed many times on this forum, that the members on the West Coast lament the fact that there does not seem to be as many Nationals in their "neck of the woods" as there used to be. Both Phoenix and Omaha have put on excellent shows in the past. I am sure that either could do it again. I would not presume to tell the E-Board what decision they should make. On the other hand, this is our Forum and is perhaps the only place where the leadership can hear our reasonable contributions to the discussion. I am very grateful that two potential hosts have stepped up to the plate this year. I love going to the Nationals and will attend in 2017 regardless of where it is held. But, again, out of consideration for and comradeship with my fellow IPMS members out West, I, as an "easterner" would like to see them get a show they can more easily attend and afford. Regards, Nick
  19. Well, the West Coast chapters have not been " ignored." It is simply the case that there have been no bids from the West in years. For this reason, in fairness to them, I would favour Phoenix. Nick Filippone, IPMS # 969. Senior National Judge
  20. I think the stuff attaches itself to the inside of the canopy during the sanding and polishing to blend the canopy before masking. I am plagued by this as well. Does coating the inside of the canopy with Future before attachment help prevent this? Nick Filippone
  21. I got mine in a flash. I am going to print mine out. I like a hard copy! Thanks. Nick Filippone
  22. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to this book. Regards, Nick Filippone
  23. Both the 1/72 and 1/48 scale sheets are available on E-bay, but you better move on it. One 1/48 sheet went for high bid of $102.50! There is another 1/72 sheet for a buy it now bid of $12. There is a 1/48 sheet for a buy it now bid of $33. I found these by googling Caracal YF-23 decals and had to go to the second page but they are there. I will bet they won't be there for long. Custom printing is not likely to be cheaper even if you could get them made in time. Good luck! Nick Filippone
  24. As you may know Caracal decals did sheets for the YF-23 in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale about a year ago. Caracal lists these as sold out but some retailer may have them in stock. Nick Filippone
  25. May I ask what scale you are building this model in and what particular marking are you trying to obtain? Nick Filippone
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