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  1. When Tim first reported his difficulties with making a reservation, it fleetingly crossed my mind that the block was already full. But I dismissed that notion as being ridiculous. Could so many members have been so quick to make their reservations? Are the blocks too small? Anyway, my thanks to Bob for starting this thread and informing me I could make my reservation sooner than the 20th. It looks like I did not act a moment too soon! If nothing else, this episode points out there is a large and faithful subculture of IPMS USA that religiously makes the annual pilgrimage to the National. Next year in Jerusalem er, that is, Omaha. Shalom! Nick
  2. At the risk of sounding repetitive, the first thing I would do is re-call the Embassy on Monday. You will probably get a different staff member. At least you can probably talk to the " 1st string " Manager or someone in the Sales Department, which is usually closed on the weekend. We always seem to encounter these issues and they are almost always related to poor communication within the hotel staff. Good luck!
  3. I made my reservation for all four nights at Embassy at the group rate yesterday. Did you try to make a reservation today? My experience is that it is always best to make reservations on a week day during normal business hours -9 to 5. Otherwise, you frequently get the second string and they do not know what they are doing.
  4. This looks like an E.E. Cummings poem! Nick Filippone
  5. Gil, Just an excellent summary of the role of weathering in modeling and modeling competition. To emphasize your points, having judged at the National level for over twenty years, and having had the privilege of working with many outstanding judges from across the entire spectrum of attitudes toward weathering, I have never heard anyone say: ' Yes, this model represents superior work, but it isn't weathered, so it does not deserve to win.' Nick Filippone
  6. But, bear in mind that the male master MUST be smaller than the final part. This discrepancy will vary with the thickness of the clear sheet plastic you are using, but the final product is always larger than the male mold. Now, if the part tapers from bottom edge to top, then sometimes, all you need do is sand a little from the bottom. However, for example, if the width of the part is constant, then it will always be too wide, no matter how much you lower it from the bottom. If you can use the unusable kit part to creat a male mold by pouring something in it that will harden but still allow you to remove the kit part, that would be ideal. Otherwise, I would be inclined to carve and sand a new, slightly smaller male mold from styrene ( or bass or balsa wood, thoroughly sealed) and vacuuform over it. Nick Filippone
  7. Did you use the kit decals and, if so, how did they behave? Thanks. Nick Filippone
  8. The category is there, if and when members choose to make use of it. It is very democratic. I do not believe it is appropriate to scold the Society for not doing more of what one lone person personally thinks is somehow important! Nick Filippone
  9. Anyone who has ever been involved in running a contest is familiar with the "requirement" to leave models on the table until the awards are presented. Getting everyone to agree and cooperate is, of course, problematic! Nick Filippone
  10. I think there is much to what Kevin says. As a judge, I sometimes find it hard to decide what is effective weathering and what is a mess disguising a poor finish. I think a neat paint job with skilled application of decals and, perhaps, some restrained weathering is much harder than slopping greys and blacks and browns all over the piece. Just sayiin'. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge
  11. This is the correct decision. The return was too little for the outlay of so much money. Those who ran the program deserve every credit for the goodwill it created but we must be fiscally responsible when deciding how best to spend the member's treasury. Yes, that is a trick question but an old one. The Confederates should have remembered that it is bad luck to change the name of a ship. Periodically, the Cassandras on this forum try to depress us with the impending demise of the hobby. Based simply on the number of new kits released monthly, the hobby is thriving. There has been modeling of miniatures since at least the Egyptians. It's in our DNA. It will always be part of the human experience. Our concern and goal must be the long term viability of IPMS. Nick Filippone
  12. If you add something that is not in the box as supplied by the kit manufacturer, except as explicitly allowed by the rules, it is no longer OOB. The builder will have embellished the kit in a way not allowed by the rule. Why not more identical ships boats if the kit did not supply enough? How about more anchors, more but identical guns? Why is it so difficult to understand a lucid statement of a category description? It is always the same thing when we discuss Contest Rules and Category descriptions. It is apparently not possible for some people to distinguish the difference in their own minds between ' I don't like' and ' I don't understand, so it must be a stupid rule.' One of the most importantly qualities in any judge of anything is a willingness and ability to say: "NO, " even if there is backlash. Judging is not a popularity contest. A judge must know the rules, and be prepared to evenhandedly apply and enforce them, whether the entrant likes it or not. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
  13. Sorry. My goof. I forgot there is no individual registration for the Contest. While display space may increase the overall costs to the hosts, these, of course, should be born by all Convention registrants. I must be getting senile! Nick Filippone
  14. It is only fair that people who display should pay something to defray any additional costs to the host, if they are incurred. If the venue charges for the tables and set up and take down, these costs must be met. If additional space for the tables is charged to the host, then these costs also must be covered.Nick Filippone
  15. I am not sure if I am understanding your dilemma correctly, but if you are trying to debond Testors (or Tamiya Extra Thin), to seperate the parts, hit it with the Tamiya Extra Thin . It is so potent a plastic solvent, it will re-dissolve the weld. But be careful. This process can be messy and you will have to clean up the surfaces which were formally mated when the glue dries! Nick Filippone
  16. Mike, I did not suggest that we don't improve the National. I believe I supported the idea of display tables. My enthusiasm for the contest should not be construed as unwillingness to improve the show and attract more registrants by offering display only space. There is no gainsaying that the contest is consistently a success and I believe de- emphasizing it for any reason defies logic. I might add that both the Model T and the Jenny were outstanding products, reliable and of much higher quality than most of mass produced junk of today. Further, only the most skilled craftsmen can produce and have produced outstanding models from a block of wood! In fact, one of the original reasons for the founding of IPMS was to give credibility to plastic modelers who, at the time, were regarding as unskilled, mere assemblers when compared to those working in balsa and basswood. Finally, since when is the EE Lighting ugly? Nick Filippone
  17. P. S. When I compete at the National Contest or any other level, I do want to prove I am better than everyone else. I will likely never achieve it, but therein lies the challenge and the satisfaction of competition- the trying to be better. As Yogi Berra said: ' Somebody's gotta win and somebody's gotta lose. Just try to do better and don't worry about it.' Why would any honest person be ashamed to say they try to win when they compete? Trying to win by competing in a sportsmanlike way is manly and character-building. After trying one's best, winning or losing with dignity and humility is one of the most gentlemanly things a person can do! The vast majority of the IPMS members I compete against are just such ladies and gentlemen. Those who do not want to compete should not. But many, in fact, most of the National Registrants do want to compete. (Sorry, but 60 to 40 is a substantive plurality.) The National Contest is a great success in it's current format. It ain't broke. It don't need to be fixed. Fix, rather, the display table issue- but not at the expense of the Contest. Nick Filippone
  18. I have been judging at the National for 20+ years, as well as at all lower levels of competition. Having judged and entered in many different categories, I categorically maintain that the average National Contest entry is significantly better than that of local and regional shows -and getting better every year. This is as it ought to be. Further, I do not recall saying anything is the "be all end all." But 60% is, in fact, a majority and it's significance should not be disparaged. Nick Filippone, IPMS # 969, Senior National Judge.
  19. This is the National Convention and competition of the IPMS. It is where annually one can see the highest level of craftsmanship in our hobby. Adding table space for those disinclined to compete for whatever reason is a fine idea. Diluting the overall quality of the work at our Convention by replacing National Competion level work with display only level work does not, in my opinion, enhance the prestige of this Society. We should, by all means, do whatever is reasonable to accommodate those who wish only to display- but not at the expense of those who enjoy " mixing it up" with their fellows IPMS members in honest competition. Recall that it is the high level of work at the National Contest that goads many of us to improve our skills. This contest also is the training ground for our best judges. Finally, it would hopefully be unnecessary for me to point out that, in fact, the majority of registrants do enter the contest. That speaks rather loudly for the position that the contest is a significant part of the National Convention experience for more people than not! Nick Filippone, IPMS # 969, Senior National Judge
  20. While, next to the Vendor Room, the contest is my favorite part of the Convention, there is lots else to do at the Convention. It is desireable, therefore, for the leadership of IPMS to encourage our fellow members to support its annual national gathering, whether they choose to compete or not. Those of us who spend the entire year after one National Contest preparing for the next should keep in mind that the Contest is not the most important event at the National for many. Even if one does not enter the Contest, it is a great display of remarkable craftsmanship and creativity. We, as a Society, have been accused, perhaps somewhat fairly, of being too focused on competition. Though the statistics about registrants vs. contest entrants are interesting, the most important thing they do is remind us not to market the National Convention as mainly or most importantly a competition. Nick Filippone
  21. I think if the modeler him or herself did the design and program work and then printed it, it would be eligible for entry, perhaps, as suggested, in its own category. On the other hand, if one were to simply purchase it complete from the designer, it would be comparable to a die cast or built up and therefore not eligible for entry under our rules. Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge.
  22. click2detsil makes parts and kits with 3D printing.
  23. JADAR in Poland. Great stuff, great prices, excellent service. And try Hobbylinc for paints. Discounted prices, very broad range, fast service. Nick Filippone
  24. As another "graybeard" (greyer than Gil, not as grey as Ralph, but balder than both), the issue of banquet attendance is another reminder of an old and tiresome attitude amongst many members of IPMS with regard to banquets at the Regional or National level. " I can get a better meal down the street for the same money." Never mind that it is an opportunity for members to break bread together as civilized people do to celebrate important events. Never mind that by attending the banquet, those members support the host chapter by making sure enough banquets are purchased toward the required contractual minimum. Never mind that it is the only time all year we gather as one body. If you don't think enough of this organization to spend a couple of hours at a table with your fellow members from around the nation and the world, how important can you think the awards are? As for me, I have and will continue to support the banquet. So, bring on the rubber chicken or overdone beef! It's always a lot of fun- especially if I have a few drinks first! Nick Filippone
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