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  1. I apologize if my alert has offended anyone. I was simply alerting my fellow members should one of us even briefly be caught unawares. I guess we all cannot be shrewd, savvy cyber jockeys.I will take care not to ever again request any advice or assistance from our administration in such matters. 


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  2. This morning I received an email from “accounting@prolineds.com” asking me to confirm my membership suspension by opening and downloading something to sign-which obviously I did not. It was signed by “Assistant of Administration.” Has anyone else seen this and is our REAL website administrator aware of this? Should some warning be posted here on the Forum. Thanks. Nick

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  3. Most likely Airfix. I have seen (and still have) some Frog kits packaged as you describe. But I have many more by Airfix and I saw these much more frequently. This packaging method was adopted by Airfix as a cost saving measure very early in their marketing history. Most of the Frog kits I purchased as a kid here in the Colonies -even the earliest ones- were under the Airlines label and boxed. It probably depended on what distributor was supplying the retail stores we shopped at. While I did purchase many bagged British sourced early Airfix  kits at a large hobby store such as Polk’s in New York City, many stores closer to my home in Albany carried Airfix kits released under the Craftmaster label in boxes. But this was admittedly later in the ‘60’s.

    Most importantly, however, ANY of those early Airfix and Frog kits were so esoteric compared to what the American kit manufacturers were offering that I would have purchased them if they came wrapped in old newspaper- like Fish and Chips: also very British! 🤗 Nick 

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  4. At the risk of being too legalistic, the way the rules read (in the currently posted National Contest Rules on IPMS website), the inclusion of photo-etched parts in the box would render the kit ineligible for BKB. As presently written, an exception is apparently not offered just because the other media parts are not used. Has this rule been modified since the 2022 Nationals? Or, are we to interpret the rule to simply bar inclusion of the non-plastic parts on the finished model? 

    Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge 

  5. I had made my Tuesday registration Friday afternoon in case I couldn’t add it when the block opened ( and I couldn’t) so it didn’t matter. That some people  ( good for them) were able to do it only reinforces my opinion of computers and organizations: they are far from infallible or trustworthy, however unintentional. One should always have a back-up plan, plan B, exit strategy, etc. etc. 

    As Lord Salisbury said:  “ Don’t put your faith in the experts.” 



  6. God helps those who help themselves. I played with the reservation page on Friday afternoon. At that point, you could not book the room because the room icons were not displayed as they would be at midnight Central Time. But you could edit and alter those large black dates. I tried it. And though I could change the 2 Aug. to 1 Aug, the little tiny calendar in the far upper left never changed from Wednesday to Tuesday. So this made me think it could not be done. So, I called the hotel- not the 888 number but the actual local hotel number. I was informed on no uncertain terms that the IPM code block did not include Tuesday the 1st, but would require a separate reservation at a different rate. And while I gave it one lightening quick try at midnight ( in my typically arrogant attempt to out fox the  #@%* computer- I didn’t) , I was prepared to pivot to a Wednesday start date. It only cost me a few seconds because I had practiced. 

    None of these preparations would assure success. But an athlete can improve his or her chances of winning with preparation and practice. Similarly, we all had the same opportunities to prepare and practice by spending a few extra hours in the gym! 


  7. But you cannnot put 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 pound bag, no matter when or how or how quickly or slowly or efficiently or fairly you do it! The on-site hotel simply will not accommodate all of us. However else one may criticize the system this year, it was fair and even handed, giving everyone a level playing - field shot at a room.

    Having to deal with yet another new better (?) computerized electronic medical record system at my hospital, I can confidently affirm that people place way too much faith in these machines. They hinder as much as they supposedly help.

    “Open the pod bay door, HAL.”

    And even if the hotel failed somehow, ( and I am not suggesting they did) that is on them- not on Len and his team. 















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  8. There were 837 IPMS members who attended this year’s Omaha National. Even if only 500 planned to attend the San Marcos convention, and they all shared a room, that would be 250 people (one from each pair) trying to make a reservation. That is virtually the entire block. But, of course, some will be, instead, staying with family. So the demand for rooms significantly exceeds the block size, even at only 500 members attending. But we know that that is too low an estimate. Len got all the rooms Embassy would offer. And, he was very forthcoming in explaining how and when the rush would take place, such that almost all these 250, 300 or more members were ready when the ballon went up at 000 hours, Central Time. Hence, it comes as no surprise to me at all that the block was gone in 15. minutes. 

    For future reference for those who encountered the “block is full” message, bear in mind when an organization gets a room block at a hotel, until the block is opened at the designated time, it always appears on the hotel computer as full or unavailable. Also, do not make the mistake of assuming the person answering the phone at the reservation desk knows anything about our show. For them, if the computer does not hit them in the face with very specific instructions, they are usually not much help. Should they know why the block appears to be full? Sure! But, they never do. 

    Finally, for what it is worth, when dealing with these large chain hotels, NEVER call the 800 or 888 central reservation facility remote from the actual hotel where you want to make the reservation. They know even less than the people on site. 

    My thoughts based on 30+ years of registering for Regionals and Nationals.

    Nick Filippone, 


  9. When we have more than one bid, the suspense would be created by wondering which bidder would be awarded the convention. Hence, while the bid presentations could be witnessed by any IPMS member who attended the meeting (held after the business meeting Saturday morning), the winner of course was not announced until the awards banquet. 

    However, in the case of only one bid, the “winner,” as it were becomes apparent at that Saturday morning meeting, being the only presentation.

    I regularly attend both the business meeting and the bid presentation(s). If the E Board decides to reveal the bidder before the Saturday of the show or not, that is their prerogative. I vote for a little mystery until the show.

    I’m a big boy. I can be patient.

    Nick Filippone, IPMS #969




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  10. What self-respecting craftsman would be expected to use unusable decals on a project he or she takes any pride in? What competent judge would do anything but wonder why any sane modeler would think 50 year old decals could be made to work? All such a requirement would accomplish is to discourage modelers from tackling interesting old kits because they could not possibly make the markings look good. The NCC has too much good sense to give that idea any thought. Nick 

    P.S. Consider the impact on old kit sales. Why buy something you could not possibly decently finish? 





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  11. The Registrants should remember that they ARE getting a lot more for their money. The difference between the walk in fee and the registrants fee covers the cost of the trophies, the contest room tables, the contest room, the tables clothes, the judge’s pins, etc. None of those things are free and if the members want a contest to enter (and experience suggests that they do) then they are going to have to pay for it, like everything else in life. How much cheaper would the National Convention be put on without a contest?  

    Personally, I would not bother to attend a Convention with no contest and a vendor room and “display only” tables. I am quite willing to pay for the excitement and possible reward of the contest. Whatever the walk-ins pay is gravy! Nick

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  12. “How could the National Organization “guarantee” a profit? How does any undertaking come with a “guarantee?” But, historically, other than the only one I can think of off hand (due to errors of management ), every National  has turned a profit since my first in 1987. 

    While I have never run a National, I have run many Regionals. And before you scoff, I did not have the National Organization to indemnify my chapter or me if we took a bath. That is a “guarantee” that no chapter has in place to protect them when putting on any show below the level of a National. Your show might have been out X number of dollars if it flopped, but neither you personally nor your chapter would have been on the hook for any of that loss, given that the National Organization must underwrite any loss at a National, just as the host is obligated to split the profits with the National Organization! So, lectures on the risk to one’s Club’s or one’s own personal treasure and reputation I do not need. I think of it every time I sign a contract with a venue or a trophy manufacturer or a rented table supplier. That signature is my personal “guarantee” that I/we will honor the contract. So when our show flops and the chapter’s money is gone and the hat has been passed, who will legally and ethically have to make up any shortfall? Nick


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