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  1. I have attended 35 out of the last 36 Nationals. So I am as experienced as anyone in the acquisition and interpretation of show information- especially hotel reservations. Jeff and his team are not at all to blame for the idiotic behaviour of IPMS members. The amount of info they have released is perfectly appropriate and in keeping with that of previous National host chapters. The tradition has been to provide few details until after the current show is over. This is as it should be- to keep the spotlight on this year’s National.

    Host chapters contract with hotels every year. That is not news or too much information. It is Standard Operating Procedure! The fact is, other than knowing where the Convention is next year, the 2024 hosts have told us nothing that anyone with a modicum of intelligence, a little common sense, assiduity, and some experience making hotel reservations could not have figured out for themselves. And, again, appropriately, as previous hosts, they have not gone onto any more detail while the current show is being planned or underway. It would not matter how much or how little information was released or when it was released, a certain fixed percentage of the membership will behave this way every single year.

    The fact is, my friend, ‘ the fault is not in Jeff Herne and his 2024 stars, but in ourselves! ‘ Nick






  2. It is again the issue of “apples and oranges.” The fundamental principle of category creation and placement has been to try to keep similar entries competing against each other. There is, in fact, a BIG difference between a horse and a motorcycle and a BIG difference in the skill set required to competently and competitively complete each. That is not to say that the same modeler could not possess both skill sets. But these Uber modelers are few and far between. Most of us mere mortal “ object” modelers are unable to be even mediocre figure modelers while the quality of the work of those who model human and animal forms often borders on true art. Check out the figure work sometimes placed with ordinary tank or aircraft entries, and, when you stop laughing, you ask yourself why the modeler tainted a good Sherman or P-51 with crude, by comparison, figures. 

    I always marvel at the regularity with which, each year, as the Nationals approach, there appears just such a conundrum of category placement, proposed by a modeler who, likely with tongue firmly implanted in cheek and, feigning ignorance of a competition in which he or she has participated for years, bedazzles and befuddles the membership with a virtual Gordian’s Knot of entangled rules. 😼😉

    Have a nice day. Nick


  3. Ron, I applaud your effort to be diplomatic. But, of course, none of the examples of the term “ mounted” that you provide are remotely related to figure modeling. Context often mandates how a word is meant to be defined and understood in a particular situation.This is especially true of the English Language, in which many identically spelled words have radically different meanings. I do not think it fair to once again importune the Contest Committee by asking them to clarify their usage of a word that everyone with a firm grasp of the English Language (except, apparently, IPMS USA members) clearly understands a priori. Nick


  4. Assuming you are not putting us on, I believe, traditionally ( and based, also, on my personal observations of entries in figure categories for many years), mounted figures refer to humans mounted on an animal of some kind. This is usually a horse although I suppose a camel or an elephant strictly speaking would likewise qualify. I guess even rodeo figures on a bull might be considered a mounted figure. But in each case the figure is mounted on a living creature. If a person on a motorcycle is a “ mounted figure,” then how about a figure sitting in a car, an aircraft cockpit or a speedboat? How about a kid on a bike or a skateboard? What about an old person sitting in a rocking chair? A logical extrapolation or “ Reduction ad absurdam?” Nick

  5. I apologize if my alert has offended anyone. I was simply alerting my fellow members should one of us even briefly be caught unawares. I guess we all cannot be shrewd, savvy cyber jockeys.I will take care not to ever again request any advice or assistance from our administration in such matters. 


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  6. This morning I received an email from “accounting@prolineds.com” asking me to confirm my membership suspension by opening and downloading something to sign-which obviously I did not. It was signed by “Assistant of Administration.” Has anyone else seen this and is our REAL website administrator aware of this? Should some warning be posted here on the Forum. Thanks. Nick

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  7. Most likely Airfix. I have seen (and still have) some Frog kits packaged as you describe. But I have many more by Airfix and I saw these much more frequently. This packaging method was adopted by Airfix as a cost saving measure very early in their marketing history. Most of the Frog kits I purchased as a kid here in the Colonies -even the earliest ones- were under the Airlines label and boxed. It probably depended on what distributor was supplying the retail stores we shopped at. While I did purchase many bagged British sourced early Airfix  kits at a large hobby store such as Polk’s in New York City, many stores closer to my home in Albany carried Airfix kits released under the Craftmaster label in boxes. But this was admittedly later in the ‘60’s.

    Most importantly, however, ANY of those early Airfix and Frog kits were so esoteric compared to what the American kit manufacturers were offering that I would have purchased them if they came wrapped in old newspaper- like Fish and Chips: also very British! 🤗 Nick 

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  8. At the risk of being too legalistic, the way the rules read (in the currently posted National Contest Rules on IPMS website), the inclusion of photo-etched parts in the box would render the kit ineligible for BKB. As presently written, an exception is apparently not offered just because the other media parts are not used. Has this rule been modified since the 2022 Nationals? Or, are we to interpret the rule to simply bar inclusion of the non-plastic parts on the finished model? 

    Nick Filippone, Senior National Judge 

  9. I had made my Tuesday registration Friday afternoon in case I couldn’t add it when the block opened ( and I couldn’t) so it didn’t matter. That some people  ( good for them) were able to do it only reinforces my opinion of computers and organizations: they are far from infallible or trustworthy, however unintentional. One should always have a back-up plan, plan B, exit strategy, etc. etc. 

    As Lord Salisbury said:  “ Don’t put your faith in the experts.” 



  10. God helps those who help themselves. I played with the reservation page on Friday afternoon. At that point, you could not book the room because the room icons were not displayed as they would be at midnight Central Time. But you could edit and alter those large black dates. I tried it. And though I could change the 2 Aug. to 1 Aug, the little tiny calendar in the far upper left never changed from Wednesday to Tuesday. So this made me think it could not be done. So, I called the hotel- not the 888 number but the actual local hotel number. I was informed on no uncertain terms that the IPM code block did not include Tuesday the 1st, but would require a separate reservation at a different rate. And while I gave it one lightening quick try at midnight ( in my typically arrogant attempt to out fox the  #@%* computer- I didn’t) , I was prepared to pivot to a Wednesday start date. It only cost me a few seconds because I had practiced. 

    None of these preparations would assure success. But an athlete can improve his or her chances of winning with preparation and practice. Similarly, we all had the same opportunities to prepare and practice by spending a few extra hours in the gym! 


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