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  1. Okay, I think that you have answered my question Ron. Thanks so much for the information.
  2. Are there any restrictions for the use of the IPMS/USA logo in any chapter or individual member usage, outside of trying to profit from its use?
  3. Like the heading says, I am in need of the 1/48 Victory Models decal set of NASA/Air Force markings. Please let me know if you have a set that you would be willing to part with, because I am seriously Jonesing to build this particular F-104 scheme using the Hasegawa kit.
  4. Hello friends! My name is Martin Hatfield, and I have been serving as the current president for the Marietta Scale Modelers chapter here in Marietta, GA. for just a little over four months. I just wanted to finally get myself onto these here forums, and get my name out there for those of you who may be visiting or even living in the area. Our chapter will be one of the many local chapters that will be assisting with the Chattanooga Nationals next year, and I look forward to the chance to meet as many of you that I can.
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