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  1. Congrats Dick-- I've got 10 more to go and I'll join you 😉 Good to see you too Mark- wish I could go but this summer is booked up with a trip to Gettysburg, Vermont, and Florida 😉
  2. Hello...name's Mike. I live on a horse farm just a few minutes away from the Saratoga battlefield. My wife and daughter are seriously into horses which makes my hobby of modeling a very inexpensive comparison 😉 Started building 1/48 WWII aircraft...then moved to an occasional tank in the same scale. Since then I've diversified into 1/35 and will also bring an occasional car or figure or whatever I can lay my hands on to build up my skill set. I'm a teacher and summer vacation just started so this is my busy building season. Hoping to get loads done all around a camping trip to Gettysburg and a week of training in Vermont for work...wish me luck!
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