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  1. Tim, while you do make some valid points please tell the whole story. I met one of your friends Thomas at the Nationals with his two little girls who both entered the contest and won awards in the junior category. I am sure Thomas also told you that he had his family membership refunded due to the fact that another IPMS member payed it forward. There was another junior that his membership taken care of the same way. He also had entered in to the contest and won several awards. Marie the Office Mgr made sure to seek out juniors to pay there membership from the kindness of the anonymous member.


    I also personally gave a young modeler a kit that I won in the raffle that I would have never built, it was a 1/32 scale P-51 Mustang that he was more than enthusiastic to get. I also gave another a book on helicopters and they were just as appreciative to get it.


    As far as entry in to the convention, there has always been a reduced charge.


    I know it doesn't seem like much, but there are people (including E-board members) who try to do things to encourage younger modelers. I also took time to talk to Thomas and the mom of the other young modeler.


    Mike Van Schoonhoven

    IPMS/USA 2nd VP

  2. Yep! That's why I will pre-register, but not until about a month out. I want my credentials waiting for me when I get there!


    By the way....will there be the traditional PAPER registration forms in the next Journal? I checked the first issues this year, and while they include the 2pg ad for the Nats, I didn't see any registration forms. I'm an old school kinda guy, so I'm waiting for one of those forms to copy, fill out, and send in!


    GIL :smiley16:

    Gil, if I were you, I would not count on it. Here is the link that I found for the form. http://www.ipmsusa2014.com/2014_IPMS-USA_Convention_Registration_Form.pdf



  3. Not trying to muddy the waters as I understand that you are asking as a beginner modeler. First you need a little information in regards to the weapon. By this I mean that there are different types of finishes that are applied to the real deal to basically protect the metal from rusting.


    Two of the most common finishes found on military are blued and parkerized. To replicate blued finishes you could mix equal parts dark blue and black as it is a very dark color. As some have suggested black would work as well and then use graphite rubbed in with your finger. Parkerized finishes are a little bit more complicated. The reason is they can range from almost black to a grayish green. The grayish green can be replicated using a dark gray with a green wash.




    M1 Garand = Parkerized metal

    M1 Carbine = Parkerized metal

    K98 = Blued

    Mosin Nagant = Blued

    Type 38, 99 = Blued

    M1911 = Parkerized


    I hope this helps and I hope that it did not make it more confusing.



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  4. Okay all you "things with wings" builders. I have the above kit "AVG" Tiger Shark. I would appreciate any comments if you have built it! Is it OK, is there a better 1/48 version? OOTB can it be built into a nice representation of the real thing? Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated! Also, what is the difference between a P-40 and a P-40 B/C? The cockpit aftermarket set I have seen make the B/C VERY BUSY compared to what is included in the kit. However, it says it is only for the Hasegawa?Academy kit.




    Don't know if this will help you, but here is a link for a review.






  5. Hey Pappy. Try Tamiya Khaki Drab. I have used it on a couple Shermans that I built. If you airbrush, put down a base of 50/50 Khaki Drab and Black. Next spray straight Khaki Drab, kinda of in a cloud pattern in the center of panels leaving the darker base towards the edges. Once that is complete spray 75/25 Khaki Drab/Desert yellow. This you want to spray on your upper surfaces as this will give a faded appearance. All paints are of the Tamiya line. I thin with Mr. Hobby thinner. This works for me. I will try to post some pics or find a link to one of my Shermans. HTH.




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