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  1. I like your Lakenheath F-15, I was a crew chief for 20 years in the Air Force working F-15's. They are a fantastic jet! Larry B
  2. I built this one many years ago, it's 54"long. I used just about everything in the way of materials to build it from cast resin, Plastruct plastic to brass & bass wood. I just joined IPMS & am looking forward to doing some more model building, I have been building big R/C airplane stuff for the past 45 years and now am excited about the more relaxing aspect of the static plastic stuff. Larry B
  3. Dave, Just like you said, Marie got right back to me. I am now IPMS/USA Member number 50908! She said my card would be in the mail in a day or so. Larry B
  4. Thanks Dave, I sent Marie an E-mail, we will see what happens:) Larry B
  5. Thanks for the info Dave, As of now I still have not received anything from the IPMS. It's been a couple of weeks, oh well:(
  6. I just joined the IPMS about a week ago, I did it "on line" with a credit card. I now have my receipt but what about my number? Is it on the receipt & I'm just not seeing it? Thanks, Larry B
  7. Finally I joined IPMS! I have been a plastic model builder since the 60's as a kid, I have built lots over the past years on and off just as a relaxing past time and once again I am starting to have that "build a model" urge. What sparked it happened last year, my wife & I built a Tamiya 1/16 Sherman tank so we could participate in the IR tank battles at Danville Va, she did the majority of the actual building with some coaching and I did the airbrush work. Our little tank project got my interest going again! I am planning on entering the IPMS show in Richmond Va in a couple of weeks with an old scratch built Disney Nautilus, I always enjoy checking out the fantastic models and all the cool stuff the vendors have to offer. I do have one question, after joining when do I get my IPMS number? I have my receipt but no number, or am I just not sharp enough to see it? Larry B
  8. Scratch build it, that's the only way to go!
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