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  1. Hey Steve thanks for the ideas and the feedback! It was late in the day before I noticed the note on my entry form. Glad I was able to connect with you 🙂 I think you and James are onto something there. I was getting to complicated with the trials I was doing to display it. Just a clear plexi riser may be just the trick. Will be a good winter project for me. Although...I got really excited about carriers after talking to James about his Connie. I have the Kitty Hawk in my stash and I am almost positive it's coming out this Fall. I am going to do something with it to lift the deck and display the hangar bay so these ideas will get put to good use! You'll see it in 2 years if you guys are in Wisconsin I bet.



  2. Hey guys I had a note from a judge whose name was Steve to get in touch with him at the Show on Saturday. I had been over at the judges table where they were doing model reviews, but hadn’t seen the note at the time so I’m wondering if somebody knows who that might be? The note was on my USS enterprise aircraft carrier if that’s helpful. Steve if you happen to read this or if any of you guys know who Steve is would you please have them contact me through the private message here.


  3. Wish i could help but I don’t have enough info. I can tell you the 1 pontos set I’ve bought and used was better than anything else I’ve used by far. Now the real question is whether you’ll scrap this whole thought process and buy the new 1/200 one!

  4. 5 hours ago, EFGrune said:

    In prior iterations of the Rules & Categories the Ships Class had both Out-of-the-Box Single Media and OOB High Tech categories.   The Single Media rules became the template for the general BKB rules as put forward.    Within the Ships Class, High Tech was eliminated and Single Media became BKB.   The prior rules allowed for waterlining an entry because there are a preponderous number of other waterline ship kits and there are some modelers who prefer to keep their fleets looking similar.  I allowed for that.    The converse of adding a lower hull is not allowed.   Since it is possible that a modeler began an OOB entry before the BKB rules were released I would consider that to be grandfathered in.

    Drilling gun barrels is and was allowed.    No problem there.    Drilling and cleaning up lattice work is similar and would also be akin to thinning to scale thickness.

    But always remember the more you do the more you can do something that affects the craftsmanship standpoint.

    And I always remind modelers that we do not judge bases; be it revetment for an aircraft,  a muddy field for a tank, or a water scene for a ship.   You get no extra credit for your work in the standard categories.   If you want to have your base work evaluated enter in the Vignette/Diorama class

    Thanks for the insight Ed. Totally agree with the thought on vignette for sure. I may, in the end, enter it there. In Dayton at Regionals I ended up in vignette and took a gold. I really do like the BKB category and want to stick to that for some of my builds.

    From the sounds of it so far the model without the rigging on the cranes would fit the bill and BKB would be a relevant category for it. The waterlining might get me, we’ll have to see. I’ll await any input on this I can get.


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  5. Ok, let’s not drop this one yet. One follow up - originally i was just going to bury the hull in the foam so it wouldn’t have been cut at all. Does that make a difference?

    Plus, i’d still like to know if the drilled out cranes are ok? I have done that twice now and am getting pretty good at it but if it would disqualify a future build I would keep a kit set for it unmodified.


    thanks again for a great discussion!

  6. 46 minutes ago, jcorley said:

    Question: Would waterlining the hull be considered a major modification?

    Oh interesting question. I hadn’t even thought of it that way. Will be interesting to hear an opinion on that. That may kick it out all together. Which is fine guys, don’t worry about me wanting it in the category, i just want to figure out what fits in the BKB as I like to build right out of the box and will do more for this category in the future.

  7. I have a ship, the 1/350 Tamiya PRince of Wales, that I built for the OOB category originally. I think it fits the new category but would like a sense of that from someone who can give an answer based on developing the rules. Locally that’s not been possible. Is there a way for me to get an evaluation of whether it will fit in the new basic kit build category before i try to box it up and travel to Omaha? If so i can post pics and descriptions or whatever someone would want. 


  8. 23 hours ago, Rusty White said:

    I must say this is the first Lindburg SNARK I have ever seen built.

    Yeah there was maybe 1 more besides the museum model on Scalemates!

  9. Here is Lindberg’s 1991 boxing of the Snark missile in 1/48. I must have weeks invested cutting off flash and filling seams. What a mess these old molds were. I was bound and determined to finish as my wife gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago. The key goal here was to go to another level with lighting - EXPLOSIONS! 
    The models are painted with MCW acrylic lacquer. Those are the 31yr old decals…they looked good until i put clear on the Snark ones, a few showed some silvering almost like they lifted a bit with the hot paint on them. The tractor, hitch and stairs were weathered with Flory washes and dry brushed with Vallejo metal colors. 220 grit sandpaper for the base. Lights are 24v COB LEDs at 6500K. 9ft of them! Blinding even from the living room lol had to use my sons New Google phone to capture the scene. Any other camera just showed bright glaring light all around. The streaming jet exhaust is compliments of synthetic ‘rope’ style cotton. That really sets off the appearance of flow I think.

    Here are my top 10 shots. Hope you guys enjoy them…
















    And here’s a sneak peak underneath





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