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  1. Well, here is my LULUBELLE start, this is the TAKOM LEE kit, paints are Tamiya, decals I made, Verlinden radial engine, I should say after watching several build logs of this kit, I chose to build the upper hull off the lower, I ended up with tight seams.


  2. I can say that all the advice is good, and I'm learning here. I just have a bad habit of building something and making it realistic. Below is a Vickers I built for the AMPS contest. It faired very well there, but nothing at the IMPS contest.post-3237-0-95722800-1508449796_thumb.jpg

  3. TY for the advice Rusty, I decided as not to second guess the judges, I will add three figures to this setting, I figured that someone took the picture, so why not have a War Correspondent a cameraman and a Public Affairs officer escorting him. Does this follow the Diorama Rule of 5 plus individuals and vehicle?

  4. Ok, I'm new to the entering submissions in contests, recently I built an M4A1 depicting a photo I saw on the inter-web (photo 1post-3237-0-34110900-1508422119_thumb.jpg). Now if one depicts this, does it need to be entered as a Diorama, or an AFV ? Like I said I'm new to this and any feedback would be post-3237-0-13188800-1508422295_thumb.jpgwelcomed.

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