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  1. Good afternoon all.  Being a week removed from the Chattanooga I am reflecting on the awesome display and vendor room and the opportunity to meet and greet some of those I have come to know through social media.  I am fairly new to IPMS, only a little over 3 years in the society and back into modeling after a long hiatus.  I have a question and 2 cents to throw in the pot (some of you can probably make change for that)  I had the opportunity to judge in the miscellaneous category and was surprised when over a dozen pieces of armor were brought over to a category outside of tanks because they had more than two figures on them.  I am not understanding why they would be moved out of armor.  The terms vignette and diorama were used and based on what I can find out a tank with 3 more crew members and no base meet none of these criteria.  If a tank isn't a tank anymore because it has more than 2 crew members on it what is it now...a tankful?   When one of the judges was asked if the category could be split and tanks with more than 2 crew members judged as such since we had plenty of entries, we were told no., the should have read the rules.  So now you have a dozen or more pieces of armor that fall into the category "limbo" where there are no prizes awarded.   Isn't it time to rethink the armor category or add a category or two to solve this problem?  My understanding is that this issue has been around for probably as long as the judging system issue has been out, maybe even longer. 

  2. I have always wondered what kind of upfits or refits occurred before the Motion Picture Enterprise hit the big screen so I came up with my version of a "tweener"   Kongo represents the time period between the Star Trek tv series and the Motion Picture Enterprise.   Kongo has phaser bumps/turrets, a scratchbuilt torpedo pod on the connecting dorsal, the deflector has been recessed into the secondary hull, I painted/added the windows for the arboretum and gave the ship custom nacelle caps at both ends courtesy of JT Graphics.  The ship was finished in  a 4 color Aztec pattern to more closely resemble her big screen sister.1672062688_Kongo3.thumb.jpg.c79e75db63718b256cc4e3ce62d0b80f.jpg1710436523_Kongo9.thumb.jpg.4110e1c9c0f9d0b342c19a5285260e7a.jpg

    Kongo 1.jpg

    Kongo 4.jpg

    Kongo 5.jpg

    Kongo 6.jpg

    Kongo 7.jpg

    Kongo 8.jpg

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  3. This is a scratchbuilt "Doomsday Machine" from the original Star Trek TV show episode with the same title.  Build is made out of sheet styrene, blue tape, foam board, newspaper, gesso soaked toilet paper and the outerskin is plaster infused gauze (rigid wrap)   Light source is a Gemmy holiday light projector I picked up at home depot illuminating translucent piece of plastic from a 3 ring binder.  Painted with acrylics.  Hope you enjoy!

    Doomsday 3.jpg

    Doomsday Machine.JPG

  4. This is a 537 scale kitbash I did last year.  USS Akula is a Lynch Class Light Destroyer.   Ship design is by Eric Kristiansen who has published several books on Federation ships and technology, most notably the Jackills Guide to Federation Ships.   Akula has custom decals from Jbot, lower deflector dish from Federation Models, scratchbuilt connecting dorsal and a 4 color "Aztec" paint scheme using McKenzie water based taxidermy colors. I also put hatches for "life boats" on this build.  I am currently working on Akula's sister ship, a 1.350 scale Lynch Class which I am making my first attempt at lighting ( so far so good! lol)








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