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  1. I am building a large 1/72 scale model with a very detailed interior that connot be seen without some sort of illumination. Can anyone direct me as to how I might be able to correct this before I close the model up? Thanks, Greg
  2. gwroos

    IJN Colors

    Thanks Gil. I have successfully registered on that site and will try to get some more information.
  3. gwroos

    IJN Colors

    Thanks Tim. I tried the site you suggested but it gave me a message that it wasn't accepting new members or some such thing. I'll try again but I am not optimistic.
  4. gwroos

    IJN Colors

    I could use a little help. I am working on a model of the Irving. According to the instruction sheet, the aircraft used as a night fighter was overall dark green with black cowlings. In Don Thorpe's book he suggests that night fighters were overall black. On some of the photographs in his book, I see no difference between the cowling color and the aircraft color. To me this suggests either overall black or overall dark green. Is it posible that both schemes were used for night fighters? Any advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  5. gwroos

    Simulated Water

    Thanks for getting back to me. How would I get in touch with Vladimir Yakubov? Greg
  6. gwroos

    Simulated Water

    I could use a little help. I want to build a base for a large flying boat and would like to show it sitting in water. Could someone direct me to some information on doing this?
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