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  1. Exceptional job, Bryan! The devil is always in the details and you've done a great job with them. Love the varied tones in your wooden box, the ring of dust around the headlight lens, the wear and tear on the engine deck...I could go on.


    I'm keeping copies of these to work for when I crack open my T-34. It's just staring at me....daring me to open it.

  2. I'm calling this one done. It's Dragon's 1:72 Ka-Mi IJN amphibious tank. It's pretty much an out of the box build with the exception of the grab handles added to the rear engine deck and the beach base made with styrofoam, matte medium and Woodland Scenics still water. It's a tiny thing and more than a bit of a challenge to finish. I'm happy with the results.















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  3. Welcome Dennis!


    As far as posting photos here, I'll leave it to our webmaster, Eric, to chime in. I can tell you that using a hosting service like Flickr or Smugmug (which are free) will allow you to post photos on a variety of Web sites with only one download. For some reason, hosted photos appear larger in the forums than those you upload. Most hosting sites have generous amounts of free storage space for your photos. Flicker has one terabyte of free storage.


    There should still be a how-to for doing that here on the forums. A quick search should get you there.


    Again, welcome aboard!

  4. I like the attention to detail here. The pushed-down mesh on the engine intakes and missing fire extinguisher are nice touches. Well done, Brian!


    Is the tow cable metal or nylon. Nice effect, it looks real.



  5. Mark, the red and white poles on the side are meant to represent the drop-down crossing bars that control traffic at border crossings. I thought that breaking them into pieces to be used as impromptu un-ditching logs would be plausible for this particular scenario.


    Thanks for all the nice comments! I actually ended up adding even more weathering to it to add to its dusty appearance. It received a gold medal in the advanced category at the 2015 AMPS competition.

  6. Thanks all! Every time I finish one of these ordnance pieces, I swear it'll be the last one I'll ever do. Very fiddly and the instructions were difficult to interpret. Still, I have an 88mm gun I'll probably start working on soon. I'm a sucker for punishment.

  7. Here's my latest project, finished, based and ready to go. It's the AFV Club kit of this ubiquitous German field gun. It's a lot fiddly but the finished result is worth it. I added some wooden crates and other tidbits (including real brass shell casings) on a Apoxie Clayshay base. I also added static grass applied with my home-built applicator.






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