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  1. I have these 11 different models. I am hoping someone in the Austin TX area might want them. A few are still sealed, but most have been opened, and some started already. I really don't want to ship any. I would rather have someone be able to look at what I have and be sure as to what they are getting. I don't want to count parts are tell somebody every things there and find out something is missing. Please contact me by email billpenn47@outlook.com THANKS Bill
  2. Hey guys. I get this at a garage sell and am trying to find it a good home. Box is in bad condition, and there are NO decals. Everything else looks to be there, but I can't guarantee that. Some assembly has been started, and paint has been applied to a few parts. I don't know the year. Box says its a revell 1:48 scale B-26 Marauder number 85-5510 special addition. The box says the skill level is a 3. I bought several models on impulse. Didn't want to see them trashed. I posted a picture of all the models I bought, looking for some help to place them with someone who would appreciate them. Getting some of my money back, is all I'm trying to do. If someone out there wants this, I will ship it with my return address. You can look at it, and decide if you want it or not. If you want to mail me back a check, say .. $10 plus the shipping. That would be nice. I'm just too old and shakey to try to put these things together myself. I will try and add some pictures, but if someone wants more, please email me at billpenn47@outlook.com if interested. THANKS Bill
  3. I have been asked ,, why I don't put these on ebay. I have put things on ebay before, with mixed results. I would rather have someone be able to look at what I have, be able to judge for themselves if they want them or not. Shipping is a problem also. I live out in the sticks, and would have to travel some to get to a post office. Soooo, just thought I would try here first..... And yes. Thats me 50 years ago in Viet Nam.
  4. Thanks for the response guys. I give my email address on my post. Feel free to give it out to anyone who might be interested. I'm not sure how I contacted Ben, but will try to do it again. THANKS
  5. I went to the last day of a garage sell just out of Burnet Texas, and got some models before they went into the garbage can. I want to apologize for intruding on this site. I am not a scale model guy, and know nothing about them. I registered on this site to try and find a good home for what I bought. Getting my money back wouldn't hurt either. I live about 10 miles west if Burnet Texas, and was hoping I might find someone close who might want these. Picture attached. Please email me at billpenn47@outlook.com and I can supply more details. THANKS Bill
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