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  1. Mike, I am from IPMS Livonia Mi. Myself and about 11 club members made the trip to the convention. The venue was top notch, the rooms nice, the organization excellent. Models for days, vendors a plenty and at the end of a hard day looking and shopping there was ample food and beverages within walking then stumbling distances to the hotel. To be honest it was just an all around excellent show. As judging and awards started to roll around I told some of my clubmates, "Winning anything here is going to be an honor. Look at how many models are on the tables". Dont care how good you think you are there was somebodys model that was even better. Just great stuff. You and your crew did a bang up job and your show is now the yardstick for all future shows. I will also congratulate you on not having a banquet and allowing all entrants to see the award ceremony. I feel that, that is one of the biggest let downs when you spend all the time and money to participate and then no seating for the awards. Enjoy the accolades and praise you and your team deserve all of it. Ian
  2. Yes, that is what I was referring too. Did not want James to be confused with another James. Was not violating the rules on purpose. Honest mix up.
  3. James, (WTF) those comments and praise are worth more than any award. My sincerest thanks.
  4. Nick, that means a lot from you and I appreciate the kind words. I am a sucker for small scale including armor and I have since come to terms with the fact that little is often the kiss of death. Most folks do not realize how much time and effort not only goes into making something so small but also scratch building small pieces to go with it. We have a saying in our club "Bigger is better", but I build for myself and not for shows so I shoot myself in the foot frequently. I did see your Pamir and was glad we were not competing. I do not know how that would have been moved to the commercial category as someone said or why it would but it is over and done now so all the tears have been dried. The fact it was brought up and complemented by the people on this forum is worth much more than the award. Thank you very much.
  5. I was the builder of this ship and it was not entered in the commercial sailing category. It was entered in the "rigged" category. It was next to the other rigged ships, and if the category placement was that tight then there needs to be better definition of space because I am always very careful to check the category several times before entering. As far as the masts, sails and yard arms go they were about as straight as possible, which is not even appropriate on sailing ships because they move and sway with the wind. I spend many hours and added many details to this model that should have been judged, but whats the point of bitching. I just wont be in any rush to spend spend several hundreds attending a national when judging is no better than most local shows. I dont even want the award, I just want it recognized for the work that went into it.
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