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  1. Here are some of the pictures I received from 'Pongo-Arm' and 'Frenchy" over on Armorama in answer to my request for photos of empty M47 hull. I appreciate their assistance.
  2. Rob, Thanks for your response. A gentlemen on Armorama sent me a link to an M47 hulk that is for sale. It included excellent photos with exactly what I need. Now I have to tear out the bulkhead/firewall I had installed and start over. Jeff
  3. I am looking for photos or drawings of the empty engine compartment for the M-47 Patton. I am building a model of an abandoned and stripped Somalia M-47. I have the technical manual for the vehicle which provided photos of the engine mounting pads in bottom of the hull and mounting points at the rear for the transmission. The manual also has excellent drawings of the transmission/engine control linkages, drain valves and firewall/bulkhead junction box. It does not provide clear pictures or drawings of the fuel tank mounting points or the oil cooler mounts. I am requesting assistance in locatin
  4. So far I have had no issues with the track I use only acrylic paints on tracks with exception of primer on metal tracks.
  5. From what I understand, was that it was a unit-level test only and never approved BY DA.
  6. Bryan, Thanks for your kind comment. Road wheels can be completed in two general ways- 1 - Like you commented, the travel surface will be a flat black with ground in dirt/dust on sides walls. This is normal for running on dry services and paved roads. 2 - On wet surfaces there can be mud and dried dirt that was trapped between the road wheel and track. It will slowly revert to #1 after ground dries and dirt is "flicked off" as you described.
  7. Actually, it will depend on what activity the vehicle is performing. Has it been in the field, running cross-country, sitting in a motor pool, or is it a derelict wreck? Additionally, what environment is involved? Tracks have become a pet peeve of mine after 38 years in the Army/Army Reserve with about half on and around tracked AFVs. I apologize, ahead of time for the rather wordy response. 1 - With a few exceptions, tracks are made out of a manganese/steel alloy and as such they rust. However, when operated in their natural environment, the soil will polish the metal components. Here is
  8. Ron, Your build inspires me to dig out some of my Pegasus kits. After I complete my current armor builds :Smile_sceptic: Pegasus did make some kits no one else would provide. Great work. Jeff
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