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  1. I am in awe and inspired by your work....I don't know how anyone could not consider modeling an art form..If you have the time i'd love to get your opinion on the diorama i completed recently. I posted photos in a thread here. I strive to become a better builder and improve my skills . any feedback,good bad or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated. I have recently started to try my hand at figures. the Vietnam dio was my 2nd attempt. after painting and stripping the figures 3 times , i purchased a bag of plastic toy soldiers from the dollar store to work on my painting skills without the need to constantly strip ,prime and repaint. it made my life much less frustrating to just toss them and start over on a new one...just an idea .
  2. Thanks for serving and from one new guy to another,,welcome
  3. Bubbajoe

    need tips

    this is a great book .i picked up a copy off amazon ,under $5.00. huge source of how to videos on U tube. making trees , landscapes.walls...just type in what you are looking to make.
  4. thanks for the warm welcome....hoping to be able to add something to the group..if nothing else..something to point and laugh at..kidding
  5. wow!!! great weathering on the deck....what airbrush system do you use?...my next big purchase
  6. Chris, here are a few photos of the build. i deleted a few due to limited space on photo bucket. i actually built the dio around an aquarium ornament i picked up in petco. i was there getting dog food and walked down the aquarium section and spotted it.
  7. thanks for the comments, i appreciate it. jim ,i wish i had taken photos of the steps i took in making the case but i didn't. here is a side view of the case i built the diorama to fit the case. as i said i used 4 frames i picked up at the dollar store, my favorite hangout to find modeling supplies. construction is pretty straight forward. i used full pieces of glass that came with the frames for the top and front. the cardboard backing was used for the back and bottom. 2 full pieces of glass form the last 2 frames were used for the sides. measure the width of the frame taking into account the thickness of the front piece of glass and the back piece of card board. mark your glass and draw your line.i used a corked backed ruler , helps keep it from slipping on the glass. i used a cheap glass cutter i picked up at the local hardware store, think i paid 5 dollars for it. tricky part is scoring the glass. you can only score glass one time. do not try to score it over and over ,it ruins the cutter. use even pressure when you make your pass with the cutter, start at the very edge and run it off the edge. take the ruler and place it under the glass and line it up with the score. then press down on the glass, should break clean. use some wet/dry paper to smooth the edge. take the frame that will be the top and silicone the glass in place. once dry you can now assemble the cases sides. if all the measurements are right .it will fit nicely in place. if your glass is off a bit. you can always trim the back panel . if the glass is short. well you'll need another piece of glass. run a small bead of silicone around the inside edge of the frame and fit the pieces in place, tape the corners to keep the case square. once dry, your case is complete. i used small screws to attack the diorama into the case, you can silicone everything and make it permenent ,but i've already taken the duo out once and redone the water, so i'd suggest to give yourself a way into the case if needed down the road. i was going to use styrene and add corner pieces but i like the clean lines of just the glass. you can also use a full piece of glass for the back if you want a full 360 display case. sorry for the novel. i tend to ramble.this is really very easy to build. i practiced cutting a couple of spare pieces of glass to get the hang of it.you can't beat the price for a IMHO a pretty nice look case. hope this helps
  8. thought i'd share a few photos of my first major diorama build. this took me most of last winter to finish and most of the last month to redo. long long story. I pretty much had an epic failure with the water effect, (woodland scenic realistic water) 100% my fault but with the help i received from woodland scenic,thanks beth, i tore out the water effect and reworked the entire stream and shore. most of the diorama was constructed using found material outside. some vegetation from the dollar store and some woodland scenic. the case i made out of 4 one dollar picture frames from the same store. thanks for looking
  9. Hello, Guess i need to introduce myself. My handle ,that i use in every forum is, Bubbajoe. I've only recently picked the hobby back up, maybe 2 years now. I do most of my building in the fall and winter. we own a horse farm and there is precious free time to be had in the spring and summer around here. I started building again because i'm constantly in need of a challange ,something to keep the cobwebs and dust from building up in the old brain matter. I also wanted something that was very much less physical than my profession. i have come to love it and can't wait till i finish my days work to sit quietly and tinker away.I don't post much, i tend to lurk and just be in total awe of the work i find on these forums and strive to hone my skills. i'll post photos of some of my recent work when i can and please feel free to critisize and critique my work. As i said i'm new to the hobby and am more than willing to listen and learn from the masters. I'm also a very "frugal "builder. i have a limited budget and pick up most of my builds at flea markets so my builds tend to be very eclectic. but i tend to do cars, and anything military. i also enjoy building dioramas and i collect die cast ,matchbox ,corgi ,lead soldiers and the like. It'd a pleasure to be a part of the group and look forward to getting to know the rest of the gang. thanks for reading the novel ..yes i'm long winded
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