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  1. PHEEW!!!! your builds are stunning...just beautiful
  2. here is my next build or rather a rebuild of sorts. this is from AMT and i think it was either my 2nd or 3rd build after taking up the hobby again. the build was going ok except for the paint. it wasn't bad for my 3rd build but it wasn't great. i became very frustrated with it and packed it up and put it in the closet. it has sat there for almost a year and a half. i took it out a couple of weeks ago and have been contemplating what to do with it ....so here it is, i'm turning it into a junker. it is taking me much longer to do than i thought it would. you would figure turning a car into a rust bucket would be easy but in fact its is just as difficult to make a convincing junker as it is to produce a show car. i'm trying my hand also many new technics and hoping it comes out halfway decent. this time i'm taking plenty of photos of the build in progress.... any comments ,tips and or criticism would be greatly appreciated .thanks here goes the paint wasn't bad but i just wasn't satisfied with the way it was looking.if you look close you can just make out a white edge along the top of the rear window .its not a shadow after spending a year in the closet something was sitting onto of it and cut into the plastic. pretty much sealed it fate . i love doing interiors and dashes. just love the small details. i had just finished doing a dark wash over the seats and the engine was almost finished tires first thing i did was pull the tires apart and sand them all down and pull some spare parts from other builds to change them up then the fun part weathering ,rusting and creating a flat i reprimed the body with red primer, after scraping off and sanding about half of the molded chrome and drilling a few holes, trying to simulate that it was broken off at some time.,also i used the dremel to carve out behind the fender ,adding a few rust holes to the front . i started to age and rust the engine after taking off the valve covers and few other pieces here is the interior, i used tissue and white glue and pasted the tissue over the dash seats and rear deck to simulate a really beat up aged and cracked leather interior.pretty happy with the way this came out one last photo of my new toy....its nothing fancy ..picked it up at harbor freight .haven't put any paint down yet just played with it using water. pretty happy to be finally have an airbrush i can call my own it's finished
  3. very nice build....you sure must be proud of your daughter!!
  4. i am so impressed by this build..it's beautiful
  5. nicely done...i think the faces came out great .great job
  6. I read your latest post early this morning but had no time to respond ,while on my lunch i figured i would take the time now...i'm very sorry you had painting problems with alclad,i have never used it but have heard it can be very temperamental to lay down.what I really want to do is thank you for posting photos of the F 86 . i am sort of a new modeler and i can tell you first hand the epic failures i have had over the last 2 years trying to get paint to lay down smoothly or fitting pieces together . for every model i complete and am happy with the build i have 2 that were complete and utter hot messes . I get completely frustrated with my skills or lack of and want to toss everything after seeing some of the truly stunning work i see on this and other forums. but every once in awhile a really good modeler like yourself will post a photo of a model that they have had trouble with and it reafirms that this happens to the best and i'm not as bad as i think i am. So I keep on plugging away at it ,one build at a time and keep honing what skills i have hoping to make this model a little sharper than my last . anyways i tend to ramble... Keep the faith and i'm sure #7 will be great. if nothing else that photo has helped out a struggling new guy and its very appreciated.
  7. if i didn't know this was a model ,i'd swear it was real!!!! outstanding detail and weathering
  8. thank you and by all means. i did a bit of research on the eagle and tried to get as close as possible with the details .working in 1:100 is difficult to get it all just right. there is so much info and images to reference your build. good luck with yours and look forward to seeing some photos
  9. WOW!!!!how do you keep track of so many builds?do you keep each build in a seperate box? i have trouble doing 2 at the same time. very nice work, i particularly like the y wing
  10. very nice...i have got to get me an airbrush!!!!!
  11. finished the apollo lunar module for the group build. My apologies for not posting in progress pics, i hate posting photos and all the steps you have to take just to place a few photos. here are a few photos i took while building and the final. the base is a painted plastic plate. the moon surface is a plaster disc i molded from stove top stuffing mix(don't tell my wife she still is asking what happened to it) the gold foil is from a candy wrapper, actually 2 , it painstakingly peeled the gold foil off the wax paper . i added windows( plastic tupperware lid) and made a hatch out of some extra styrene . it had openings cut out but no windows and just looked odd without it. i honestly was thinking i was purchasing the 1:48 model and was surprised when this very small package arrived from amazon. i was looking at so many models and mixed up the 1:100 with the larger version.i think it came out pretty good. i looked all over the net for 1:100 astronauts but to no avail. i printed the flag and used a pin for the pole. [/url ]
  12. WOW....outstanding build .wish i had half the talent
  13. nice save... if it was me, i think i'd toss it after a few choice words.
  14. love the details on the seat.the small details of a model are my favorite part of a build. really nice work.
  15. Thank you...i liked working with the metal body and it took paint real nice, i used krylon out of the can. 2 primer coats, 3 color coats sanding in-between each coat. wish i had an airbrush and a paint booth.( some day) my biggest problem is dust . that and i tend to press a little hard while sanding taking, color off the high spots. i hand brushed the clear coat, i used future ,2 coats sanding in-between . it is by no means perfect but it is the best finished i have put on a car to date. i also tried adding carpet to the interior. i used embossing powder. read about using it and wanted to try. not sure you can see it in the interior photo. the 56 t bird is my hit the lotto car. i always wanted one. thanks again for the feedback i appreciate it .
  16. i just put the finishing touches on this Monogram 56 T bird. I picked up this model for $5.00 last year at a flea market. the model is from 1977, it has a metal body, roof and hood. i honestly did not know how well it would come out so i did not take any photos of the build. all and all i think it came out reasonanable well,i made a few mistakes . i need to work on my painting skills . i used BMF around the top and the rear fenders. the photo of the engine is a bit blurred because i had to hold open the hood with one hand and snap the photo with the other the hood is hinged and once the body is attached can not be taken off. of coarse i put a small chip in the hood trying to hold it up..oh well.anyways i wired the spark plugs ,don't think you can see it in the photo. thanks for taking a look
  17. thanks charles, here is the thread the photos are posted in http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/13727-first-major-dio-build/
  18. very nice,what are you using for the rust streaking down the hull?
  19. we own a stables (50 horses) spring and summer is the busy season around here. show season starts in april and just ended last weekend. I work 6 and 7 days a week, up at 4 go till around 6 pm. I do more building in the fall and winter .lately i have been getting up early making coffee and working on a model for an hour or so before i have to head out and feed the ponies.then sneak and hour or so while i make dinner for the family, yeah i do all the cooking. then i'll get some time in after dinner ,but this depends on how rough a day i had, most times i just sit and contemplated working and end up watching something online instead.
  20. In 1969 I remember sitting in front of the TV, spending hours watching the apollo mission and the first landing on the moon. I'm choosing the landing module by revell as my entry for the group build. thanks for the encouraging words to join ,i appreciate it very much.
  21. i am nowhere close to being in the same league as the builders here .. but i'd like to join the group build. not sure what i'd do but i'd like to be a part of it.thanks
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