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    We are here as a family membership. Janyce's main interest is 1/144 aircraft. Michael is interested in 1/72 RCAF subjects, 1/72 ambulances and 1/35 motorcycles.
  1. Hi Tim, My email is: spitfire@sympatico.ca. Glad to help. Michael
  2. Hello Tim, I have the ESCI 1/9 Sd. Kfz. 2 Kleines Kettenkrad kit with instructions. If this is the kit(instructions) your Spartanburg fellow is looking for just have him contact me directly at spitfire@sympatico.ca. Have a good day. Michael
  3. We are very saddened to hear this news. I very much enjoyed my yearly talk with her each spring when renewing our family membership. We always enjoyed saying hello to MJ at the Nats. We know she will be missed by many. Our condolences, your Canadian friends, Michael and Janyce.
  4. Hi Fred, Are you still looking for a Badger 200? I have two of them. Michael
  5. Thanks, Chris. We like going to CAN/AM CON and keep it on our calendar. Looking forward to Noreast Con in May. Hopefully you can make it up to CAPCON in Ottawa next year. I'm sure we'll bump into you along the line. Cheers, J & M
  6. I have just been passed down a Hasegawa 1/48 Hughes 500D. It has decals for California Highway Patrol that are in such abysmal condition that they are beyond redemption. I would like to find a set of decals for the helicopter and small motorcycle in the kit done as CHP, or perhaps find some to do the chopper in Magnum, PI. Directions to someone who has what I am looking for would be appreciated. Many thanks. -J
  7. My wife Janyce and I have a family membership and are looking forward to conversing with fellow modelers. Cheers and happy modeling. Michael
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