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  1. revell used to use rough scales or box scaling on old kits but RoG has just remeasured thes old kits and it is now listed as correct
  2. i never knew him but .... it is sad to here of the passing of such a person as deddicated to our hobby as he RIP
  3. it's so good it looks like he built it in 1 to1 scale and shrunk it
  4. shiplover

    1/700 USS Maryland

    love it esp the masts and deck
  5. shiplover

    Yukikaze FINISHED

    lighting is better now if you can just get one of those sailors you have on the ship to take some close-ups
  6. great build WOW i hope your wife is ok. about 10 yrs ago i had a growth that the nerves grew around they did not want to operate it was too risky because of it's location one doc decided lets trey a syringe in the head to attept to drain it out of me kinda gross sounding but i'm here telling you the story so...
  7. shiplover

    Yukikaze FINISHED

    on the new pics make sure the primary lighting is to the sides or top or behind you but not behind the ship cameras read light and if it is directly behind the ship the ship may look more like a shadow of it self hiding details nice build
  8. yeah but as we age our stubborn streak gets wider much like our butts from sitting and doing models lol
  9. i'd like to say two things and they may not fit in but... i have the 450th musachi it maybe crappy but i wish they had p-e/resin parts to improve it i would like to make it as un crappy as poss. and point 2 does anyone feel that the 700 scale builders are slowly being pushed aside for the 350th
  10. robin it has always been a pleasure talking to you over many yrs in other forums thanks
  11. i would love to see a kit with all the parts to make a ship from launching through the 2or 3 or 8 refits of the ships career
  12. i live in lowell ma my modeling love is anything but figures i admire them but do not have the skill set to paint them if i build a model per week my "stash" will last about 14 yrs sometimes when i write something i go on with poor punctuation ie periods no caps etc please bear with me i think i have a.d.d. but that is an ability i think of 12 things at once multi-tasking lol thank you for having me
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