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  1. post-2670-0-39508000-1400635803_thumb.jpgHello,


    I have 3 Creative Miniature Associates model cars that I am trying to get more information about. I called someone at the company, which was a good start. However, I would like to know more about these cars from collectors. My dad was a collector and built a collection of 1000's of precision, scale replica models (most are operating models) which he then put in a museum which he opened to the public, free of charge, in 2001. Anyway, these 3 CMA models are in that collection.


    I am a photo of one of the models. My files are too big to upload the other two.


    The red Ferrari is signed by Luigi Chinetti Sr. and the black one by Jacques Swaters.


    Thank you for any help you are able to provide! :)



  2. Hello!

    We have a museum here in Auburn Hills, MI that displays over 3000 scale replica models of cars, trains, ships, steam engines, traction engines, planes and more. Most are working models that were built by hand.


    There is a video on our website at www.reidff.org which shows our collection.


    Last May, my dad passed away. Now, I must sell his beloved museum collection and am trying my best to carry on his legacy and passion. I will do this by funding the Reid Family Foundation (which my dad founded) with the money from the sale of the museum collection. Then, I will make grants to youth and education going forward.


    I would be very grateful if you would help spread the word of this sale to people who may like to participate. Below is a link to a video with highlights from the collection.



    If you would like to view the catalog, visit www.ha.com/5181


    There are several unusual models that I am trying to research. One is a "Dancing Black Man" steam toy by Lou Racioppo.


    I also have some other unusual vintage models that I would like to talk to someone about.


    I look forward to hearing back from you so we can talk about some of the amazing steam models we have for sale in our museum.


    Here is a description of one of our models. I attached a photo of it to this post.




    Jeep dimensions: 9 x 16 x 8 inches (22.9 x 40.6 x 20.3 cm)
    Three very finely built and well presented 1.8 scale metal models, depicting a classic WWII 'Willy's' Jeep mounted with a 50 calibre machine gun, together with towing 'Bantam' trailer and 37 mm M3 anti-tank artillery piece. All finely detailed and modeled to the highest standards of the craft with aluminum gun barrels, tool kit, detailed 4-cylinder engine, brass construction and 'Goodyear' rubber tires, presented in custom wood and glass display case.

    Best Regards, Sheri Reid

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