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  1. Outstanding! Glad you got what you needed....
  2. Tim, did you ever find the Fug 10 radio you were looking for? If not, I have quite a few German radios in my parts box I could sort through, but I need to know what I'm looking for. If you could post a photo or a link to a photo of a Fug 10 I can see if I have one.
  3. SInce I just finished an Academy build of LULUBELLE, I doubt I'll feel like doing it all over again. But, who knows? This build represents the 1995 remake of "Sahara" with Jim/James Belushi instead of Bogie in the lead role. The figures represent the entire "rag-tag crew" without the Axis folks. LULUBELLE is not on her base yet. Soon...
  4. Takom just released photos (CAD?) of two new kits soon to be released: The M3 Lee (early) and the M3 Grant. You can find some initial responses to these kits on other sites, but I wanted to start a discussion here. I've built both the ancient Tamiya M3 and the slightly better Academy M3. Considering the state of recent armor models coming out, I'm really looking forward to some up-to-date (accurate & highly detailed) kits of these two medium tanks used extensively in North Africa. Plus, I'm hoping that Takom will go a step further and release an M31 Recovery vehicle AND an M33 Prime Mover. Or, produce ONE kit that can be used to build either an M31 or M33. One or two extra sprues of parts would cover the conversions. However, the M33 would require an interior (turret was removed) and an interior would be a great addition to any of the M3 variants, given all the hatches that could be modeled open. But, Takom isn't including interiors in these first two releases. Maybe they're just testing the market to see how popular the M3 kits will be before adding additional kits. Lastly, I hope the Takom M3 hulls will be an easier build and assembly than the Academy kit. A cast hull M3 would also be fun. Guess we'll just have to wait & see what's next--if anything. Anyone else looking forward to these new kits? :army7:
  5. Not that I want to have the "Marine Green" controversy rear its ugly head, but I do recall reading (maybe on another forum?) that the Marines DID repaint many vehicles AFTER WWII--and before Korea--in the Marine green color. That said, I don't recall if anyone posted a current paint offering in that particular shade of green, but it is apparently more green than OD.
  6. FWIW, I doubt you want to buy another kit just for the radio(s), but Dragon's #6592--Sd.Kfz.251/17 Ausf. C (a 2-in-1 kit) contains a massive early war radio set if you wish to build the vehicle as some sort of 1942 "Hermann Goring" Division command vehicle. I need to say that I am NOT any sort of expert on WWII German radios, but according to the box, this is a Fu5 and Fu7 radio set (five major components in separate racks) that can be assembled in different configurations. May be worth looking at (?) if it may work for you.
  7. Nicely done & without an excessive amount of weathering/chipping. Looks great.
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