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  1. Great looking bust. I have the "crab head" I did many moons ago. I actually got a second place at the nats with it. To this day, The Thing (1985) is one the best sci fi movies ever!
  2. Nick, I am not the only moderator here. I can't read/moderate everything, on every forum, so I must rely on my fellow moderators to help out. Sorry if you're feeling I'm picking on you. I promise you I'm not. I can only answer for what I see. And yes, I have made mistakes or just missed things in the past and unfortunately will do so again. For that leniency I apologize, but not for enforcing the rules. I have chosen in the past, to give everyone a little leniency with the rules for the sake of debate, but apparently you are calling me on the carpet for that. So, in the future I will call it when I see it. I'm not looking for respect or anything else here. I'm just doing my job as best I can. All I ask from everyone, is common courtesy so we can all enjoy your and Dave's comments and lively debates.
  3. Nick, The last paragraph was completely unnecessary and is trolling which violates the forum rules. Have you read the rules? Please do so. Trolling will not be tolerated. That goes for everyone. Play nice fellas.
  4. " That is a moo opinion. What a cow thinks doesn't matter.😁 " I know it wasn't intended as such, but I want to stop this NOW before it goes any further. And yes, I am aware of who started it, and Nick's comment is trolling and isn't allowed either. Stop this now or I will shut down the thread. Let's play nice everyone.
  5. " Would a Lindberg Ju-88 stand a chance against a modern version? " Absolutely! The models are all judged by the same "basics" criteria. An older, less detailed model would be far less likely to have errors than a far more detailed and complicated model. The skill of the modeler will always win out in the end, which is the purpose of OOB. And don't give me that; "What if they were both perfect" stuff, because everyone knows that ain't gonna happen.
  6. Forgive my ignorance as I am a ship builder. Are the fins on the exhaust pipe cooling fins? Fine model there.
  7. " wrecked his DeLorean at high speed " From what I have read about them, DeLorean and high speed were not synonymous. 😀
  8. As an ex head judge, I too was surprised how many times I noticed miss-aligned masts on ship and in particular submarines at a national competition. One would think such a "basic" mistake would not be made at the national level.
  9. I picked up some great brushes and a loupe magnifier from our Japanese friends along weathering pencils from the AK folks. EXCELLENT show! 👍
  10. Too bad. I've used MM for over twenty years. I hope some US based company picks up the line up.
  11. Many people outside the society still have the notion that we are just aircraft modellers. Why this still persists after fifty odd years is anyone's guess! This misconception is due to ignorance of the organization or just plain discriminatory behavior by poor losers, pure and simple as explained previously.
  12. "Try staying on topic, Nick " Thank you DAK. 😀
  13. " Perhaps they are afraid to admit they indulge in a so called "childish" hobby. " When I hear remarks like that, I tell them what Flagship Models made last year and the argument ends quickly.
  14. Noel, IPMS/USA is what I consider a supply-and-demand organization where the contest is concerned. There are a lot of A/C categories because they are the most popular plain and simple. As an ex-head ship judge for the society, Nationals chairman, and ex-NCC member, I can tell you our categories are based on what shows up on a consistent basis. The head judges for each category have yearly records for numbers entered as well as the type of models. When I was a head judge, if there was a consistent and potential growing number of say, Martian aircraft carriers over a three year period, I would put in a request to the Chief Judge that a category or split be added to next year's contest to accommodate the increase in those models. If the request was granted by vote of the NCC, the category was added on a three year trial basis. This was done to insure that it wasn't a one time occurrence, and could be removed if numbers went down for three consecutive years. Under-attended categories also face removal by the same system. I realize this sounds like it would take some time to expand category numbers such as automotive, but that's the tried and true way IPMS/USA regulates its categories. Furthermore, the NCC must consider the cost to the host chapter when adding categories. Ideally, every category should have a sponsor which never happens; so the host chapter must foot the bill for un-sponsored categories from their profit margin. In short, "build it and they will come".
  15. I have enjoyed reading this post. Gil put it better than I ever could describing the overall devewlopment of the US and UK events. As long as display space is made available at the nats here in the US, we will see the development of the event grow to the betterment of the Society. I also believe the contest will develop naturally into a GSB or 123 event at the will of the participating membership's popular demand.
  16. IMHO, for the reasons you describe, too much or too little weathering shouldn't be a consideration when judging. The realism of the technique is what should be considered. If the modeler chooses a factory finish or rust dripping to the ground, what matters is how well (or not) it was done and how realistic (or not) the weathering looks.
  17. "...it's not perfect,... " You enjoyed building it, and that's what really matters. BTW, what's the purpose of the circular pattern on the rear of the canopy?
  18. The snake texture and color is GREAT! Nice job.
  19. Okay, I can see where this is going guys. Nick, DAK has a point in that purposeful insults does not further or contribute to the discussion. Let's keep on an even keel with common courtesy and consideration for all.
  20. " Many people perceive these to BE the IPMS system having never seen a National convention." It doesn't appear that it's OUR problem. Nothing anyone can say or do will convince the unconvincible. They have their minds made up.
  21. Michael, IMHO, the E-board and I have gone above and beyond to make this survey as well advertised, successful, and accurate as possible. Ron Bell contacted me to tell me that the survey had been posted on-line (SURVEY) with the election ballot. A pleasant surprise I was not expecting. The E-board guaranteed the survey would be published (a mail-in card inserted) in the April/May election issue of The Journal. The E-board gave the survey a full page in the April/May issue of The Journal explaining both systems of judging you will see at the URL I supplied above. Mike Moore (convention chairman) has allowed me a table at the nationals registration area in Chattanooga for members to fill out the survey. Mike also has allowed the survey to be printed at the bottom of every registration form at the IPMS/USA nationals, so if you enter, you can make your preference known. Eric Atalia has allowed the survey to be pinned at the top of the forum contents on the News and Announcements page, to give the membership a constant awareness of it's presence there. I have posted the survey announcements on the IPMS/USA Facebook page as well. I and the E-board have done everything possible to put the word out and make the survey known. The only thing we have not been able to control is "word-of-mouth" which I am hoping you and the membership will handle. SPREAD THE WORD! Every IPMS/USA member has an opinion on GSB and 123. Here's your chance to make that known. So to be honest, I don't how much more could be done to promote the survey.
  22. Michael, Everything you will want to know about the survey is here: SURVEY
  23. You will receive a printed magazine.
  24. Their dealings with you so far should raise some red flags. Having said that, he sounds pretty honest in that he won't accept pre-orders or guarantee availability (which he probably doesn't know), but does communicate well. The ship modeling community is pretty small. I would suggest checking on Hyperscale ship forum, Modelwarships.com and steelnavy.org and post your question there. My advice until you hear from someone who has dealt with them....BUYER BEWARE. This is why I HATE dealing with outside vendors. Your business literally depends on them. I personally do EVERYTHING start to finish on my products from drawing the instruction sheets to molding and casting, to design and print the box art. I only depend on TWO outside vendors (mold rubber and photo etch) and they are VERY reliable when they give me a delivery date. Just my opinion.
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