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  1. It's not exactly a red primer. It's a brown paint. Please see https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o237043354. If you scroll one image to the right, you will see a very tired example. This derelict is badly weathered, so you will want to darken the brown a bit and not take the camouflage color literally. Yellow tips. The model manufacturer may have relied on the RAF Cosford museum example, which I believe was restored with black prop blades.
  2. Okay, gentlemen, thank you very much for your thoughts. I have read them with interest. (I clicked "like" on several replies to thank you, even though I may have some doubts about one or two points you collectively made.) Certainly, the timing of my thread here is bad; many of you are getting ready for Nationals in Las Vegas. I am overdue in saying "thank you" to the people who run this playground for us. I understand the problems of staffing hobby clubs and civic organizations with unpaid volunteers and the tendency for them to be spread very thinly. I am intrigued by the comment
  3. Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Filippone, it's not particularly that I seek treasure or group builds tailored to my needs. I have no particular needs along that line. My time is pretty well occupied, and as Mr. Morrissette points out, there are other places I can play. (Be careful about sending people to other web sites that you compete with. You may lose members that way.) I was hoping initially that someone would say, "Tom, we actually have three group builds going right now and they can be found here:________" Not the case, apparently. If the answer to my question above is, "Tom, we're
  4. Mr. Hodges, please call me "Tom". Mr. Filippone, I don't think I'm scolding the Society to bring up this topic (but I would be inclined to scold people who stereotype modelers' motivations). Please reread the heading of my question: "Is there no interest...? Is this forum moribund?" Those may be difficult questions, but I don't think they're judgmental. I will let you know when I'm scolding, believe me. A short answer to my question could be, "Yes, Tom, at the moment this forum is obsolete/near death." Or, it could be, "No, there is still an interest in group builds, as seen by
  5. Keeper, the "purple" Rufe is thought to have originated from a misunderstanding of aging effects on the finish of a derelict plane. When the upper coat wore off, a red primer was revealed. Someone took it to be the upper coat, and also mistook it for a maroon or mauve color. It was actually red. At some point, aviation artists showed the interpretation as the finish coat, e.g., Sidney Chivers for Scale Modeler around Volume 4, Number 11 or 12 (which makes it late 1969 or 1970). I still have the remains of my LS model in several shades of maroon!
  6. Was hoping to have a look at your Fulmar. Can't because the link has failed.
  7. Thanks to both of you for your comments. I agree with what Gil said under "first". These forums are not all that visible from the home page. I think that needs to be worked on. Yes, some people are not "team players", but if it were the case that modelers were simply too independent to participate in group builds, then group builds would generally be unsupportable on any model web site, which is not the case. There is competition on Britmodeller to get one's proposed group build put on the calendar. Britmodeller gets a great deal of traffic. Much of it is by Americans. FSM has gr
  8. I don't visit IPMS-USA forums here very often. Maybe once or twice a year. I'm pleasantly surprised to find today that you have licensed the excellent software for discussion forums that is also used at Britmodeller. It easily allows posting of photos. It also provides the opportunity to "like" a message at the lower right of the message. It has a lot of fun features. I think it's the Cadillac of forum software! It is practically ideal for hosting group builds -- IMHO, way better than Fine Scale Modeler group builds, where a lot of space is spent showing us what previous group bui
  9. Thank you. Good reply. Actually, Mary Jane put him in touch with me a few days after Christmas. Thanks.
  10. Would a membership manager be kind enough to see for me if a Pat Donahue is still a member. He wrote an essay for IPMS Update that appeared around 1978 and I would like to ask him a few questions about it. Please give him my personal message and email info if you locate him.
  11. I see that a kind soul made an index of articles from the Journal for 2000 - present. Is there anything similar for the 1970s and 1980s? Without knowing the name of any particular article or writer, I am searching for early writings on scale color in IPMS-USA magazines.
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