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  1. Fine wire – in the craft section of Wal-Marts they have a “Beading/Jewelry” section. There you will find various gauges of bare wire ranging from 16 ga. to 27 ga. These are useful in making date cables, electrical wires and various hoses. I’ve made O2 hose by loosely wrapping a length of 16 gauge wire with 27 gauge before painting. The 16 gauge wire comes in various colors (blue, red, white, black, old cooper) which can save painting. Also in this section are beads up to ¾” dia. in both plastic and wood These are great for cylinders, sure there’s a small hole through it, but a little glue/putty closes them.
  2. I am looking to some large heavy duty caster, like you'd find on a engine jack in the 1/12th to 1/32 scale range. Anyone know of a source?
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