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  1. One more note: If you apply a thick layer of Future and you want that to stay as it is, it may fog up. That is OK. If it fogs up, as it dries it will turn clear again. Good luck.
  2. Hello Tom, - Tough problem. I do not believe there is a simple and definitive correction that is a guaranted fix for this. However, I would try the following: Assuming the models with the silvered decals do not have a coating (flat or gloss) over the decals (because that would have sealed them and that basically means there is no fix) I would carefully apply Future floor wax along the edges of the decals with a small paint brush and see if it will "wick" up under the decals. Once this dries it will not only seal the decal but it will also dry clear and replace the minute air gaps (the silvering) between the decals and the model. Also, once it has dried and you are happy with the finish, you can covering it with a flat coat if it is needed. - It might help to gently poke holes in areas of the silvering with a pin before applying the Future. Once you are done with the application you can use Windex to clean out the brush. Just be sure to do that before the Future dries. If you miss cleaning the brush and the Future dries on it, try using Lacquer thinner to clean the brush. - This Future stuff, if you do not know what it is, is an acrylic based liquid product that is used to coat/cover floors. It can usually be bought in super markets or supply stores that sell cleaning supplies. It has many applications for models, including being used as a gloss coat or sealer and much more. It can be brushed or airbrushed and I have not had an occasion where I needed to thin it. I use it straight out of the bottle. Much of its use has been covered on this forum but if you have more questions about using it, I would recommend opening another separate thread to cover it. - It is very possible that another member might have a better idea for you. Best of luck with the old decals.
  3. Hello Chris, Have you tried Airliners.net? They have a HUGE collection of members posted photos with a great search feature. Here is what I believe is a link to Mi-24 specific photos, including interior shots of current birds. You'll have to go looking thru 10 pages, but this example was on the first page. Good luck. http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.sear...inct_entry=true
  4. - Awwwww...now why'd ja hafta go and do that? Got a puddle going here after looking over the list again. Guess I need to get another job to help support my growing 1/32 habit. Gee.....thanks (I think) Brian!
  5. Great Models Webstore: http://www.greatmodels.com/ Val, enjoy yourself. WARNING: Have a drool rag available, LOL .
  6. - Tamiya released one in 1/100 scale in the mid 70's. I believe it was re-issued as recently as last year. Hobby Lobby's carried the line of Tam 1/100, but here locally they look like they as simply exhausting their supply. - Aurora also had a 1/72-ish issue. - Revell of Germany re-issued the 1/72 kit in 2001 with THESE markings on the sister ship, (a/c N164AC). No sign of additional parts to replicate the vacuum cleaner lookin hose thingie that hangs down from the underside or any other fire fighting gear. The decals are pretty cool and represent these markings well.
  7. - Ralph, hope you have a great time and can spread a little plastic model builders good cheer. I am a little concerned for you though, is your IPMS T lined with Kevlar? LOL
  8. - Mike, FWIW the tin kit is 1/25 scale. Matt's above is the 1/16th scale kit. An additional FWIW, the tin kit's decals are considerably more correct for color and content then the original 1/25 release in the 70's. In my humble Funny Car enthusiastic opinion, the original 1/25 AND the 1/16 scales red color was significantly too bright. And they failed to cover the blue-ish colored band across the rear roof area. Both of these have been corrected on the newer tin release. And for those more dedicated Chi-Town Hustler fans, let's not forget the distinctive side window rear edge shape that is supposed to be significantly different than other Rev 70's Charger FC's. - Matt, I love your build and your Metallic (typical 70's sparkle look) silver paint job. Thumbs up. Model on Dudes.
  9. Brain, us big scale nuts are chomping at the bit for kits like A-6's and MiG-23's. But with retail prices over $150 a pop, them Chinese are gonna be sitting on box loads of un-sold kits! Maybe in a few years, I'll be able to pick one of each up off of evil-bay for 1/3 or half of their astronomical retail prices. Unfortunately, these retail prices makes it difficult to continue to support my LHS's and stay afloat in the hobby. Thanks for the news/update.
  10. Well now, that's a big ole BUMMER. Maybe it was a momentary glitch between the forum site and your host/file??? If you haven't already, try again later. Now that you have dangled the carrot if front of our noses, we just gotta see it .
  11. OK, Smurfinator (As he withdraws his sword form its sheath, he hap-hazardly pokes at it for the second time.......) Forbidden Planet!?
  12. AAAnnnnnwwwwww . No fair! No fair! Mike's cheating. Smurfinator said we only get one guess per pic. LOL . Howz about, "The Day the Earth Stood Still." (I think that was the title!?!) <_<
  13. John, nice looking build. Glad to see a bike posted here, my favorite builds. As soon as I can figure out how to post images (photobucket???) I'd like to add my two cents. While I have been fortunate enough to place with my bikes at IPMS Nationals, the two times I entered at Tamiya Con with bikes, I got my butt kicked. It's all good though. I had a great time at both. I hope they follow through with the announced return in April 2009. Thanks for posting the pics of a cool bike. Model on Dude.
  14. Yeah Jordan was a huge inspiration too. I have no idea where he lives and whether he still builds. Have run across Lloyd and Mark Jones numerous times here in the SW area and seen a few models from Les Meserve here and again. Pat Tritle lives here in Albuquerque area. My first article was for MM in 1978, when I was still in High School. I was a lucky bugger because I only lived about 4 miles away from Challenge Pub. Since they always took the photos, I always brought the model(s) in and Syd was ALWAYS so busy. He'd tell me,"Why don't you go in the back and grab a couple mags from the warehouse while I take care of so and such?" So I did. I must have filled my entire SM, SACM, MM, Air Combat, etc, collections that way. I figured that since it was like pulling teeth to get them to pay all that Syd said he would, I would endulge myself with the mags. I figure they still owe me a few thousand dollars based on what Syd agreed to over the years, but I never got. Oh well. That's the price for the glory, LOL. And We Model On.
  15. Gil, I've always enjoyed looking at everything you have built, even back in the late 70's, early 80's (then I thought that Scale Modeler was the coolest model mag, LOL). It was what inspired me to build/write for Syd too. Great idea to use the Monogram kit before the C/A kits arrive. Model on Dude.
  16. Paul, another cool lookin British jet from your workbench. The Sea Vixen is certainly a unique layout. Thanks for posting it.
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