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  1. Nice work and not over "weathered", which bugs me. Interesting in that it is right hand drive. Here's a similar vehicle in1/72 that I converted from the JB Landrover kit. Your's has much finer detail, of course. I especially like the MGs.



  2. 2 minutes ago, Stikpusher said:

    Aside from the muzzle brake, Revell got most of the details right... cutting them slack for that era of molding. Nice work on this! My best friend had this kit. Wasn't it more "box scale" and something like 1/40?

    I've seen it listed as that and 1/32 and 1/35, but I think it falls more in the 1/40 area like you said. 

  3. This is the companion piece to their M-4 Sherman, the Russian T-34. It was released numerous times including a motorized version. Let's not talk accuracy here as that would take much too long. It went together pretty easily, but you have to be careful of fit here and there. They say the figures are the "crew", but only two of them actually go in the tank. The other three are accompanying infantrymen. The figures are better than some others they have provided in other kits. The tracks fit pretty well and look the part. Given that the kit dates from the 50's, it's not all that bad.









  4. This is a very nice kit with little clean up and goes together quite easily. However, when I changed my work space lighting from incandescent to LED I found out that what I had thought was dark grey in the full color painting guide was actually dark green! Too late. Also, all went well, even with the generic PE railings and stretched sprue rigging until the only decal on the ship, the side number, silvered on me. Again, oh well. It was never intended to be a contest contender and looks nice next to all my other RN destroyers. 





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  5. A kit match up. The Satellite Shuttle meets the "Everything is Go!" launch pad. This is a re-imagining of the space shuttle. It's all out of the box with the exception of removing the wings from the first stage booster because as we now know, such wings in the atmosphere serve no purpose other than to add drag to a booster. I cut down the shuttle's base plate so it would fit on the launch platform. The vehicles are painted as I have seen NASA launch site vehicles in photos. The decals are a mix from both kits and the spares box.










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  6. A while back, I obtained a couple of tin printers plates. (They were used before the days of Xerox, laser printers, etc.) They are thin sheets of a tin like metal about the size of a legal pad and can actually be cut with an Exacto, although it's the last thing that particular blade will ever do.  It's thin enough to be bent to just about any shape yet being metal is strong enough to hold that shape. Now, I know that you probably won't be able to find any of this stuff anymore (but if you do hoard all you can get.), but you can get very thin sheet brass and/or aluminum from K&S products. It may cost a bit more than plastic (or any PE product) but a little bit will last you a very long time if used for small parts such as your track return guides.

  7. This is the Revell re-release of the Matchbox Humber Mk II armoured car. It's a neat little kit and has one of their display bases included. I opened the vision slits on the hull sides, added the lifting rings front and rear, removed the molded in tools and tow cable and replaced them from the spares box and drilled out the guns and smoke dischargers. The base is another story. I covered the grassy area with Woodland Scenics products. Then I covered the shell hole with real dirt and filled the puddle in the middle with Klear wax. The last photo is the inspiration for the whole project, a book I recently read.








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  8. This is the Revell SSI re-release of the Renwal USS Springfield. It's possibly one of the most inaccurate models of a ship ever made. The Springfield was converted to a guided missile cruiser after the war, her designation changing from CL 66 to CLG 7. Here are the problems. The kit has two triple 6 inch gun turrets but the converted Springfield only retained one. The kit has six double 5 Inch turrets but it should only have one. The kit has two pole masts but there should be three cage style masts. The kit gives you two Terrier missile launchers but there was only one. The fantail in the kit is configured for a hanger and crane for a stored seaplane, but a helo is given. On the reconfigured ship there was a heli-deck on the fantail but no provision for a hangar. But the helo they give you isn’t all that bad for what it is so I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I put a clear disc on for the rotor and posed it doing a “fly by”. Finally, the entire superstructure was completely reconfigured and the kit's is that from WW II. To fix all that would not be worth the effort, even if it were possible, so I used what they gave me. My only real change was to cut off the very thick molded in railings on the mail deck and replace them with PE and I added PE to the upper decks as well and stretched sprue for the rigging. There’s a photo of the removal of the railings “in progress”. Oh, one other thing. The kit comes with simulated wood decking on the main deck, but from what I can see from photos, aft of just about the centerline it was either removed or covered, which makes sense as the blast from the missiles being launched would have scorched a wood deck. So I sanded/scraped that detail off where needed and smoothed the deck. But, as they say, it is what it is and presented for your viewing pleasure, Revell/Renwal's USS Springfield.







  9. Have you tried an ABS cement such as is used on Plastruct materials? The plastic has a different chemical basis so "normal" cements don't work. Plastruct makes two cements, one is specifically for ABS plastic. Rubicon models are made of a plastic that does not respond to "normal" cements either, but ABS ones work fine. 

  10. If that airbrush was new and as yet unused, there's an outside chance that there was some sort of a preservative on the metal parts. Another possibility is that the paint itself is contaminated or just not mixed thoroughly enough. Try straining the paint to remove any small particles and really mixing it up. I've bent a paperclip to form a "T" at the end and inserted it in my Dremel tool. Put it in the paint jar, turn it on LOW (and I do mean LOW or you'll have paint all over) and really give it a mix. Hold on to the paint jar or it may go flying. 

  11. Is your airbrush clean, and I mean really clean? Many just shoot some thinner through the brush and declare it clean. Not so. Take it apart and give it a good cleaning to remove any possible residue then let it dry and reassemble. Did you wash the parts before painting? It looks to me as if there was some residue on the part itself like a mold release or some such that caused your problem. Two ways to proceed. One, remove all the paint, wash the part in dish detergent, let it air dry to avoid creating static electricity that will attract dust, then re-primer. Two, lightly sand the part especially in the effected areas, wash as in One above, then re-primer. If it happens again, then you know you've got an airbrush problem.  Lastly, you didn't mention the type of paint used, solvent or water based. Each could react differently to surface or airbrush problems. 

  12. Many Atlantis kits come with the decals for a stand but do not include said stand. They sell the stands as a separate accessory on their web site. Being in Ollies has nothing to do with they're not being in the kit. As to different pricing, I'd be dubious of Atlantis doing a "special run" for kits for a retailer. Another explanation for the price discrepancy might be because Revell also reissued those kits as part of their SSI (Select Subject Issue) series and they have different box art and pricing. Just guessing on that last part. 

  13. This is a kit that dates from the 70's but is remarkably good, rivaling the current crop of Trumpeter and Dragon kits. I've done this scheme in 1/35th and 1/48th but needed one for my Braille Scale collection. The kit comes with no interior, which is odd as their Valentine of the same era had a driver's position, turret basket and basic interior detail. The driver's visor can be posed open or closed, but if open there's nothing there, not even a driver figure. Ditto for the loader's hatch. At least you get a commander figure to fill an open cupola. I built a box inside the driver's position and painted it black to hide the fact that there's nothing in there except the driver figure that I adapted from the spares' box. The loader is from the ESCI 25 pdr. kit with modifications to get him to sit right on the turret top. I added the wall segment to illustrate why the vehicles were painted this way. It's actually a section of a Matchbox kit's diorama base. I make no claim to fame in painting small scale figures. I just can't get the hang of it. But to be fair, the detail on figures from this era wasn't exactly "crisp". 





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