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  1. Excellent work Dennis. I like it a lot. Kudos. John :Smile-tongue:
  2. I'll second the motion for that 1/72 Ontos in plastic! Matador Models has a 1/76 version that is Resin and OKB Grigorov has a Resin 1/72 available. OKB also offers brass gun tubes while Matador has white metal gun tubes. I have built the Matador and replaced the tracks/running gear from scratch instead of the white metal supplied. The OKB kit seems to have several plastic and resin parts for the running gear. Still on my to do list though.
  3. I am one of the lucky ones that often had the pleasure to see and enjoy MJ's company, charm and wit, being located only five minutes away from her and Ed's home. For years, six to twelve local modelers would visit Ed every Saturday in his 'model room' for what became known as the 'Quilting Club' and MJ was always the gracious host that would have fresh coffee and snacks for us. I then had the pleasure to interact with her as our Office Manager when I was appointed to replace Ed Kinney as the IPMS USA Treasurer. In that short time since, MJ was always a pleasure to deal with and professional in all things that she did for our society. She will be sorely missed. RIP MJ and God Bless.
  4. As I mentioned at the convention, very nice build Dennis and congrats on your award.
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