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  1. Did I love this Kits ..Yes Sir. Great Build and Fantastic Plastic Model Mix of IPMS Canada Decals and Kit decals Out of Box Construction Wine lead seatbelt Cheers Bill :D
  2. Greetings That is a very nice job..Love the different country. I have not seen that scheme before Cheers Bill
  3. Hot off the Production (not Line because this was NOT a Shake n Bake Eduard Boxing of Kinetic F-16 Quick Post Article maybe in near future. Bill comments welcome
  4. Thanks guys. Off to a jet Happy New Year
  5. My last of 2014 was a KPro Avia in Israeli Markings Mostly out of Box But a Few additions Bomb Rack from Barry Numerick(Thanks) Cannon Barrels and Pitot...Albion Alloys Epoxy for wing lights,EZ Line "Very Fine" for antenna Gunze Paint and Kit Decals. Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill
  6. Thanks Guys I was asked for a powder Seminar by our club guys after "Show and Tell" at our December meeting. They are a valuable tool. Ken... look forward to anything you bring to TRICON..you are a talented modeler. Cheers Bill PS Mark do you still do a Middle East conflict page?
  7. Thanks guys. A fun build and a pleasure listening to all the comments..currently working on a Avia in Israeli scheme...RLM 02.. Not nearly as cool as their jets. Cheers Bill
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Cheers Bill
  9. Thanks...and they Fly great aircraft. Although I am currently working on an Avia that,from everything I read,was a dog. Cheers Bill
  10. Gil I have used their decals,EZ-line,polishing powders.Each one was great.
  11. Greetings Best thing I can do is provide website.these are buffing metallic pigments. Painted the exhaust flat black,then buffed with steel powders. http://www.uschivdr.com/whats-new/ Cheers Bill
  12. Just finished as Part of my Israeli Collection Isradecals, Avionex Interior,Testors Acrylic paints,Usci Rubbing Powders on Metal parts Darkened front half of Canopy,but not much Loved the Uschi powders Overall Views Comments Welcome Bill
  13. Thanks Mark There is something about "yellow " wings Cheers Bill
  14. Thanks Gil. It is the Williams Brothers kit. New release with gret decals. Lots of flas and a bit of a challenge. Thanks Again Bill
  15. OD and Yellow stands out. Tamiya Rattle can Yellow(was Great), Gunze Olive Drab Decals came with Kit and need some white disks to keep out the yellow. Other than that the decals where very good. The wing walks didn't match up with the fuselage sections and needed some black touch-up...no big thing Looks OLD!! White Nacelles added a Bit to the overall project Cheers Bill
  16. Greetings in process of completing a build article on this plane but thought I would share a few pictures. 1/48th Nichimo Ki-45 with lots of work done to a pretty nice old kit. Thanks for Looking Bill
  17. Gil This model was Very well engineered, Great Fit, Beautiful Surface Detail and well worth the money. The construction was a piece of cake. I created my own issues on the finish. Still, Looks OK, Could have been better based on the kit. Cheers Bill
  18. This is a very nice kit that the more I touched the more I !@@#$%^&& up. Still the Photos came out OK. I have to say ..Barry comments about this scheme being "best" are B) B) 1960s B/W Photo Alclad Exhaust General Photos Thanks For Looking Bill
  19. wdedig

    XP-55 Ascender

    Thanks Mine almost looked like that during the Build challenge Cheers Bill
  20. wdedig

    XP-55 Ascender

    Thanks I could have sworn I had photos from USAF Museum in Dayton? But now that you mention,Maybe I got them from Web/// Getting forgetful Thanks Again Bill
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