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  1. Thanks Guys Actually I took the tanks from an F-86 kit..They did not provide any. Cheers Bill
  2. Greetings A Bit of a modeling challenge here.This is the Hi-Tech Kit I found visiting a Hobby Shop in Grand Junction. You should always be a little wary about kits in the back with a lot of dust and a description that say High Tech but what the heck ,lets challenge the Model skills ! The IsraDecal decals were the best part of this project, I did double them over the fusalage red and that worked Great. Also I had great luck with the Wing formation lights and some blending skills. Alclad and lots of sanding and Priming Please let me know if you are not familiar with the term "3 Footer" My interest in the subject was much higher than my skills in this aircraft The wing tanks and pylons were not included and came from the spares Box. So much for High Tech :-) Something to View Cheers Bill :D :D
  3. Thank you all very much for the compliments. Cheers Bill
  4. The Dragon 262 had numerous construction challenges, from the wing roots to the gun/ nose sections even the landing gear presented problems with construction. The BF 109 is the first edition they released. Not easy to see the discrepancies,need a reference model. This was a very nice model to build and the issues are not of my concern. Thanks for the compliments Bill
  5. Hello Below are photos of Airfix BF 109F,Dragon Me 262 and last the Eduard BF 109G-6. These are aircraft flow by Franz Stigle and referenced in the book " A Higher Call" I found this a great read and super stimulus for these aircraft models. Africa scheme for first project The 2 on his aircraft was unusual as referenced in a photo of his aircraft. This a controversial scheme ( some say it was Galland's Aircraft) but I have a signed poster with his signature and showing White 3 from JV 44 Dragon kit was a bit of a challenge Just finished with Kitsworld decals This was a fun build Gunze Paints for this aircraft Comments are always welcome Cheers Bill
  6. Very nice work..I will keep my eye out for the AK. Cheers Bill
  7. Thanks Ken Challenging as its not my area of expertise :-) Cheers Bill
  8. Thanks guys Rigging was a couple of components. 1. Braces were carbon wire 2. Control cables were EZ-Line fine Cheers Bill
  9. Greetings Final Aircraft in my Kosciusko Squadron. This Camel was brought to Poland by Lt.Kenneth M.Murray who was in Poland to join the American volunteers forming the Kosciusko Squadron. Front Rigging View Gunze Paints Rigging was the biggest issue.The Eduard model itself was great Cheers Bill
  10. Thanks guys for the compliments. The engine was not detailed as you really can't see more than about 5%. The kit engine is not bad from the box. Cheers
  11. Here is a recent completion Alclad finish,with Testors Semi-Gloss rattlecand final finish. Kangaroo decal sheet from Bodenplatte attack. Nice Inexpensive Kit, and then I added resin Interior ,Master Gun Barrels,Resin Wheel wells...Oh well Two Part epoxy for wing Lights over colored Sprue lights I did correct the Gear covers that are reversed A little shiny for 1945 Europe,but I didn't have the heart to flatten her out Weathered lightly with pastels and washed most hatchs Thanks for looking Comments are welcome Bill
  12. What spell check messed with was" Kleenex" soaked in white glue and water ,then painted. Thanks for the compliments. Cheers Bill
  13. Thanks all Gil Intake cover is custom made from cleaned,soaked in white-glue and water. Resin components 1. Nose back to Canopy 2. Resin exhaust 3. Wheel- Wells 4. Complete Interior 5 tail base 6 beer cans on wings Still just an upgrade to Block 52 Cheers Bill
  14. 70th Anniversary scheme Techmod decals were Great Hasagawa heavily modified Resin Front,exhaust,Interior,Wheel wells and Tail..Tiny bit of Hasagawa F-16C Thanks For Looking Cheers Bill
  15. My 2 cents I do Use the Zerostat Gun ( Used to use it when Playing Albums ..Now coming back). I use this gun after I rub down paint and when I have discovered Dust particles inside the canopy windows...90% effective Cheers Bill
  16. Thanks for All the compliments Yes I was at Nats Last year and look forward to visiting at Columbus this year. Cheers Bill
  17. Thanks Guys This was fun and I really Look forward to The Airfix Spitfire MkI. This company has truly made modeling a better place. Thanks Again for all the Positive feedback. Bill
  18. Did I love this Kits ..Yes Sir. Great Build and Fantastic Plastic Model Mix of IPMS Canada Decals and Kit decals Out of Box Construction Wine lead seatbelt Cheers Bill :D
  19. Greetings That is a very nice job..Love the different country. I have not seen that scheme before Cheers Bill
  20. Hot off the Production (not Line because this was NOT a Shake n Bake Eduard Boxing of Kinetic F-16 Quick Post Article maybe in near future. Bill comments welcome
  21. Thanks guys. Off to a jet Happy New Year
  22. My last of 2014 was a KPro Avia in Israeli Markings Mostly out of Box But a Few additions Bomb Rack from Barry Numerick(Thanks) Cannon Barrels and Pitot...Albion Alloys Epoxy for wing lights,EZ Line "Very Fine" for antenna Gunze Paint and Kit Decals. Comments Always Welcome Cheers Bill
  23. Thanks Guys I was asked for a powder Seminar by our club guys after "Show and Tell" at our December meeting. They are a valuable tool. Ken... look forward to anything you bring to TRICON..you are a talented modeler. Cheers Bill PS Mark do you still do a Middle East conflict page?
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