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  1. Greetings Mark I have volunteered in the past and I will volunteer again. I would like to do the Space& Sci-Fi category if that is OK with you. Let me know Bill
  2. Sorry Nick I have two bottles of powder that I am hoping will last my Lifetime. I had some of the Paint but it separated and I never was able to get it back..trashed it Cheers Bill
  3. For the Columbus Convention I posted a room I had free Up. I posted on Hyperscale and IPMS and got somebody who needed a room. Just changed the name on the reservation. If you cancel with hotel it is open season on the room and nobody knows it is available. Bill
  4. Greetings I have used Alclad "a Lot" . I have had Tape lift metal finish and look like tape residue left behind. I have used SNJ buffing powder to "Repair" the finish. The best method of masking was to put a coat of Alclad Clear Coat then Mask. I use Yellow Frog Painters Tape..which is like a low tack Tamiya tape. My Two cents Bill
  5. Gil That is one very nice F-14. Enjoy the challenges of the Monogram kit( 30 Years Old??) Cheers Bill
  6. Mark This particular Harrier aparanty participated in Middle East conflict. Might also fit in your Middle East war SIG. Cheers Bill
  7. Thanks Gil That demarcation did add a little interest to the standard Navy WW II schemes. Cheers Bill
  8. Greetings All These are the beginning models of my 1/48th scale VMA 211 project. Started with the Harrier and got hooked on the squadron. Then built the Wildcat and will now look to the future with a Corsair,Skyhawk and lastly a F-35B. Hasagawa Harrier with Two Bobs markings for "Wake Island Avengers". Difficult kit with a ton of seams to fill. Gunze Paints Decals were great and used a lot of Eduard Photo-Etch on this kit Wildcat was Hobby Boss Painted with Gunze and used Yellow Wing decals for "Wake Island Wildcats" Only weathered with a few panel washes and Pastel dusts as aircraft was painted in November on way to Wake Island Used Ez Line and Karaya metal 50cal barrels as aftermarket add-ons and added a Photo-etched seat and Engine wiring Thanks for Looking Comments Always Welcome :D :D Bill
  9. Greetings Line construction 1. Drilled holes at wing locating and fuselage and Tail 2. Crazy Glued line to tail (allowed to dry..2minutes) 3. Crazy Glued line to fuselage (allowed to dry. overnight) 4. Crazy Glued line ends to wings (allowed to dry..overnight) 5. Touch of Glue on fusalage/tail Line. 6. Stretched wing line to slightly tighten and allowed wing line to touch glue on center line. Waited about 10 seconds for glue to grab. 7. Lines are tight all over. Cheers Bill
  10. Simple out of Box Build and a few snapshots, Uschi EZ line for antenna (hard to see) Techmod Kit decals good except for wing national markings ,would not settle and had to be replaced. Testors Sand for main color a little heavy on exhaust stains ...my mistake Thanks for looking Cheers Bill
  11. Thanks guys Wasn't the Mig 28 a single seater? Thanks for the positive feedback. Bill
  12. Greetings Thanks for the positive feedback. In general the kit is an easy build. The parts fit well and have enough detail for interest. The surface detail is nice but not " wow". The use of the Eduard interior color photo-etch,was nice but not mandatory. The Eduard seatbelt systems were much better than the kit simple photo-etch.The lack of wing lights was disappointing. The paint was decanted Tamiya gloss black. Final sealing coating with Gunze clear Gloss.
  13. Hello All This was a very smooth build. Not a ton of parts and fit was very good. Mostly out of box except wing lights and the Eduard Interior Photo-Etched details Gloss Black was Tamiya Decanted Kit decals were fantastic, and simple Thanks for looking Bill
  14. Thanks Guys for the Positive feedback Love the IAF stuff Cheers Bill :D :D
  15. Just thought I would work the single color Theme a little. 1/48 Hasagawa Mk IXe Eduard Steel Belts, EZ Line Rest from the Box Fundekals Tamiya rattle can black, decanted. Final coat Gunze Clear Gloss Just a Simple Clean Build Cheers Bill
  16. Alclad Airframe Aluminum, Polished Aluminum, Chrome. Gloss Black Primer 1/72nd P-51 1/48 High Tech 1/72nd Leduc Hope these Help Good Luck Bill
  17. Thanks All Ships are not my forte, this ended well. Whew Cheers Bill
  18. Greetings I used EZ line .."Fine" for rigging. worked very well. Thanks For positive feedback Cheers Bill :D
  19. Greetings This is the 1/350 Trumpeter Kit Thanks for Reference support on this site from Don Schmitz Completed with a few corrections to Kit that I thought were needed This is the 1944 version(Somewhat) with a beautiful "dazzle" scheme using Vallejo paints across the board Changed the dual 20mm guns to single gun using 3D model parts and they were great. I also added Photo-etch to the Aircraft to Improve...wow what a challenge in 1/350 Master Barrels and they where also real Nice Thanks for Looking Comments welcome Thanks for Help Don and Dave Sepos Bill D
  20. Thanks Don Super Helpful information..Yes I am aware of the masking ,but why take the easy path?? Cheers Bill
  21. Greetings I have a discrepancy between the Instructions (Below) and information from "Warship Pictorial # 10" . The Instructions call for a deck painted in one color ,(I assume is Deck Blue) The Pictorial mentions two deck colors ,Ocean Grey and Deck Blue. Does anybody have any pattern for the deck colors??? Thank You in advance Bill
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